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What are no wagering requirements bonuses? What are the different types of these bonuses & what are some of the pros and cons? Get your answers here!

What Are Wager-Free Casino Bonuses | 2023 Guide

What Are “No Wagering Requirements” Bonuses

If you are a frequent online casino player, there are chances you’ve claimed a bonus or two. For example, visit Syndicate Casino, click on the Syndicate Casino login button, and open the promotions page to see a wide variety of bonuses and promotions. These range from welcome bonuses to free spins, reload promotions, and many more. Despite all these promotions coming with different perks, they share something in common: wagering requirements. These are conditions you must satisfy before cashing out or using your bonus. 

Wagering requirements are quite common in the iGaming industry. But not all online casino bonuses have them. As unbelievable as it may sound, there are no wagering requirements bonuses you can claim online. In this article, we explain what they are, their pros and cons, and the different types you can claim on the internet.  

What Are Casino Wagering Requirements?

To understand what no-wagering requirement bonuses are, you must first understand what it means by wagering requirements. Basically, every type of online casino bonus has a wagering requirement. In the bonus terms and conditions, you’ll occasionally see a number accompanied by a multiplier. For example, x5, x10, x20, x35, x50, etc. This number is meant to show you how much money you must spend before cashing out winnings from your bonus or using the bonus cash. 

So, for instance, when you are awarded a $10 bonus with an x5 wagering requirement, it means you must spend $50 wagering in real money games before using the bonus or withdrawing winnings from the bonus (in the case of a sticky bonus). The higher the wagering requirement, the more money you have to spend before you can cash out your bonus. 

Wagering Requirement Free Bonuses

While it may be unbelievable, there are online casino bonuses that don’t come with wagering requirements. They are rare to come by, and whenever they are offered, these bonuses tend to be worth a very small amount of cash. But free is better than nothing, right? Wager-free bonuses are usually awarded in different formats and for various reasons. In the event you come across these bonuses, you should claim them without hesitation. 

Types of Wager-Free Bonuses

Wager-free bonuses are awarded for different reasons and on multiple occasions. The type of no-wagering requirements bonuses you receive is determined by these two factors. 

Free Spins No Wagering Requirement Bonus

As the name suggests, this type of offer is awarded in the form of free spins. It can be part of an ongoing promotion or for signing up with the online casino for the first time. 

No Deposit No Wagering Requirements Bonus

For this type of bonus, you don’t have to make any deposit to receive the cash. You simply sign up with the online casino, complete the minimum requirements, and it is awarded automatically. 

Match Deposit Wager-Free Bonuses

You must deposit with the online casino to receive this offer. This is the most common type of wager-free bonus you’ll come across online.  

Pros and Cons of No Wagering Bonuses

Now that we have covered the basics of wagering and no-wagering requirements, it is time to look at some of the pros and cons of no-wagering bonuses. And as you will discover, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages significantly. 


You can withdraw your winnings instantly since there are no wagering requirements, hurdles, or hoops to jump. 

Since there is no pressure to meet wagering requirements, you can make better decisions when wagering with this bonus. You can carefully pick your bets, a factor that increases your winning chances. 

Another big advantage of using no-wagering requirement bonuses is that you can use the cash to play any game you like. This is because there are no restrictions on the games that contribute to the wagering requirements. However, in the case of free spins, they are certainly bound to certain online slots. 

The terms and conditions for no wagering bonuses are transparent and easy to understand. All you need to do is claim the bonus and play real money games. If you are lucky to score a win, the cash is automatically credited to your real money balance. 


The most notable disadvantage of no wagering requirements bonuses is that you receive a lower bonus value. Since it’s more like free money, many online casinos offering the no-wagering requirements bonuses limit them to $10 per account. 

Widely offered to VIP players instead of the average casino players through loyalty programs. This can be quite limiting and lock out a lot of players who otherwise qualify for the offer. 

No Wagering Requirements Bonuses Summary

At the end of the day, no wagering requirements bonuses create a great opportunity for players to win real cash at the casinos without going through the grueling and painstakingly strict wagering process. However, these bonuses are not for everyone. Impatient high rollers, for instance, will be frustrated with the capped cashouts. However, if you are an even-keeled casino player who fancies free bonuses, no wagering requirement bonuses are the perfect match for you. This is why if you come across a promotion offering you the same, don’t think twice. Jump in and claim the bonus.

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