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Are you the kind of gamer that doesn't want a break from real life? Take a look at these gaming trends including ultra-real gaming.

The Growing Trend of Ultra-Real Gaming

Are you the kind of gamer that doesn’t want a break from real life? There are always lots of new trends floating around in gaming and one of the biggest ones at the moment is the trend for games that are so real, they feel almost like real life. Whether it’s highly detailed characters, right down to the hairs in their ears and the texture of their skin, or carefully thought-out worlds for your character to explore, video games are becoming closer and closer to real life. These are some of the games that have taken a unique approach to providing their players with an experience that’s so close to life it’s almost unbelievable.

Experts predict that in the near future, trends will arrive and redefine the online industry. Find out more about the online gambling trends of 2022.

Live Casino Games

It doesn’t get much more lifelike than real life, so the growing trend for live casino games should come as no surprise. These games use real-life dealers to conduct casino games for an audience. The dealers go through the motions that each game requires, whether that be spinning the roulette wheel, dealing cards for blackjack players, or counting out poker chips. 

As they perform their roles, several high-quality cameras capture their every move and transmit this information to a game server, which instantaneously shows it to the players’ screens at home. At the same time, players can interact using buttons on their screen, which feeds information back to the dealers. It wasn’t so long ago that this sort of idea would have been considered positively space age, so it’s really exciting to see it being so easily adopted by casino game players all over the world.

Red Dead Redemption II

Although it isn’t the most recent release on the list, it was released in late 2018, Red Dead Redemption II is widely heralded as one of the most realistic games on the market. This is down in part to the incredible attention to detail paid to the graphics, but perhaps the most shockingly realistic element to this game is the sheer research that went into creating a truly believable world. Whole teams of researchers dived into the history books to find out everything they could about the ‘Wild West’. 

What stemmed from this research is an incredible open world game, that allows players to see life through the eyes of a cowboy, living during the turn of the 18th century. Little details like the lyrics to the songs that play in the background of the game were transcribed from old folk tales. Real mysteries from the era were built into the game, like hunting for large, rare animals, or finding washed up treasure. When you combine that level of realism with the ability to travel anywhere at all on the map and encounter all sorts of fascinating people, it becomes clear why it’s so easy to sink into this ultra realistic world.

The Last of Us Part II

Released in 2020, The Last of Us Part II made waves in the gaming world instantly. It has already been awarded with many great accomplishments including winning The Game Award for Game of the Year. So, it should come as no surprise that this might be the most realistic game on the list. Naughty Dog are the developers behind The Last of Us games and spared no expense making sure that the world that you play the game in is startlingly real. 

As the gameplay is so fast and intense, many gamers don’t have the time to realise the minute details that have been put into this game. For example, you can see individual blades of grass being touched by the wind, weed in the water moving as you swim, even light filters differently depending on the window you view it from. Whilst this game is undoubtedly targeted at the ultra-fast and competitive gamer, it is a real shame not to pause for a moment to notice the beautiful details.

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