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Strategy is a very important thing when you play at the casino. Here's why autoplay may help you win on

Autoplay in How to Create Your Own Strategy for Original Games

Strategy is a very important thing when you play at the casino. It’s all about calculating the actions necessary to win. You can increase your chances of winning. For instance, look for new ways to invent strategies. One tool that can help in this is the auto play. It allows you to automate the gameplay and more effectively implement the chosen strategy. At, an online cryptocasino, autoplay is available for most games, including original games. We will look at how to create your own autoplay strategy for original bitcoin casino games at

What is Autoplay?

Autoplay is a feature available in many online casino games that allows players to set up a predetermined sequence of bets and spins. Once activated, the game will automatically play through these bets and spins until a certain condition is met, such as reaching a certain balance or number of spins. This feature will be extremely useful for many players. Especially for those who have some kind of disabilities. It also saves time and energy.

How to Create Your Own Autoplay Strategy

Creating an autoplay strategy for original games at involves several steps, but it can greatly improve your chances of winning. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Choose the Right Game

The first step to creating an autoplay strategy is to choose the right game. At, there are several original games available to play, including Bitcoin Dice, Crash, and Slots. Each game has its own rules and betting options. That is why it’s important to choose one that suits you, your preferences and strategy. For example, if you prefer a game with a lower house edge, Bitcoin Slots might be the right choice.

Step 2: Define Your Betting Strategy

Once you’ve chosen your game, the next step is to define your betting strategy. Base this on certain conditions such as winning or losing streaks.

Step 3: Set Up Autoplay

After defining your betting strategy, you can set up autoplay in the game settings. At, the autoplay feature is available in the game interface for most of the games, including the original ones. You can choose the number of rounds you want to play and set up your betting strategy accordingly. You can also set conditions for when the autoplay should stop, such as reaching a certain balance or winning a certain amount.

Step 4: Monitor Your Progress

Even with an autoplay strategy in place, it’s important to monitor your progress regularly. This includes checking your balance and the number of rounds played to ensure that your strategy is working as intended. If you notice any unexpected outcomes, such as a large decrease in your balance, you may need to adjust your betting strategy or stop autoplay altogether.


Autoplay is a powerful tool that can help you create a solid betting strategy for online casino games. By choosing the right game, defining your betting strategy, setting up autoplay, and monitoring your progress, you can increase your chances of winning at’s original games. However, it’s important to remember that autoplay should always be used responsibly, and you should never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

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