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The best films about gambling

If you are looking forward to the release of the next novelty and are puzzled by the question of what to watch, then we can recommend you a very interesting movie that you most likely have not seen yet. But the most interesting thing is sometimes old films are more striking and shocking than new films. Of course, we are not talking about cinema, where there are a lot of effects and such masterpieces need to be watched only on the big screen. Now we are talking about movies about casinos.

“Casino Robbery”

The film was made in the USA, where the main role was played by Brad Pitt. The theme of the tape is built on the fact that the casino will be robbed to the skin when it hosts an illegal poker tournament. The gangster film will tell about underground poker and how mafiosi are closely connected with the gaming industry.

The robbery, implemented during a poker tournament, will amaze all the bandits to the core. Kogan must punish the distraught thieves. This guy is a cold-blooded killer who was hired by the mafiosi in order to subdue the crooks. Kogan begins his own investigation, plunges headlong into the world of crooks, studies the streets and various people, conducts an investigation, the case turns out to be extremely complicated and he has no right to lose control. Kogan often visits online slot machines to familiarize himself with the games and understand how gamblers think. As a result, Brad will unravel this tangle, but what awaits him in the end?

Brad Pitt did his best in this picture. If you are interested in watching acting, then you should definitely see this picture.


The film is based on the novel “Casino Beat” by the famous director Robert Luketic. The plot at the beginning of the film tells about a genius-mathematician. Ben studies at the Boston Institute, and probably there is nothing more to characterize him. Unless Ben has a dream, he wants to go to medical school. Everything rests on one thing – in order to get an education in a prestigious institution, you need to have a lot of money on hand. It is clear that an ordinary student does not have that kind of money. But he will have this chance!

A professor at Ben’s college creates his own team of cheaters. Before Ben is a difficult choice, study further or quit everything and go to Las Vegas to earn a lot of money.

The young guy was poor, but not stupid, so he preferred the second option, thinking that as soon as he collected the necessary amount, he would immediately quit the casino. True, things did not go the way the guy wanted. Money flowed, the hero went crazy from them. He wanted to earn even more. This is a spectacular work with an instructive script that you should definitely see. If months earlier the guy knew what he wanted from life, now he has felt the taste of money and does not want to change anything.


Nick is in jail. This man is interested in one of the American gangs, a target that is bold and loud to rob. No one else like Nick knows very well how the whole security system works in one of the expensive casinos, which is why Ben Affleck, who plays the main role, is so important to the bandits.


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