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Technical knowledge behind live casino

A live casino may be a newer concept for the gambling enthusiasts, yet it has gained a considerable amount of popularity in a short span of time. The live casinos are a representation of the real-world physical casinos.

A live online casino Singapore has similar games like that of traditional casinos but due to its availability over the internet it is much more accessible than the exotic physical casinos. This article is intended to provide you a know-how on the technology that runs behind a live Singapore online casino.

live casino singapore

What is a live casino?

A live casino is an online betting web portal which shows the actions that are being conducted in a traditional casino. There are live dealers to assist you in betting on a live online casino in Singapore. You can interact with the live dealer and the result is an amazing betting experience from the comfort of your homes. The live dealer conducts the game from special studios with cameras from where the game is broadcasted over the internet.

The game rules remain similar to the traditional casinos only the mode of conduct changes from a brick-and-mortar real casino to a legal online betting website. There is also a specific chat system through which the player may directly have a conversation with the dealer if he or she faces some difficulties or has any question. Just like traditional casinos, here real money is involved in bets which are subject to a win or loss.

live casino singapore

Key components of a live online casino Singapore

There is a certain difference between an online casino and a live casino. In both the modes, the gamers participate remotely but in live casinos they interact with real people. For example, in the case of dice rolls, the game is determined by a random number generator in online casinos, whereas in live casinos a live dealer conducts the game. Typically, the best online casino in Singapore caters to live casinos as well. However, while building a live casino, certain technical necessities are involved in it. Let us know about the technical requirements behind a live casino.

  • Cameras

Cameras are an essential part of any Singapore online casino catering to live casinos. It is because of the modern-day high-tech cameras that live casinos are made possible. Smaller yet more powerful cameras are used for live streaming of the games conducted by the dealer. Roulette is an example of an online game that uses generally three cameras for three different views. An overview, shots of the gaming table and the wheel and the third camera is used for the display.

  • Game control unit

The Game Control Unit or the GCU is the most essential part of a live casino in an online casino Singapore. Every table involved in the live casino has a GCU attached to it. The primary purpose of the GCU is to assist the dealer in the game and is very crucial to the dealer. This device as small as a shoebox and is responsible for encoding the video that has been broadcasted. The GCU makes a live game possible and running.

live casino singapore

  • Wheel

The live portal on a Singapore online casino might have the gaming wheel as well. Typically, these wheels come with built-in sensors and software interfaces meant for casino gaming. These technical advancements in traditional games help in making the game available for the live casinos. The casinos pair up with major manufacturers to avail such technical facilities. Any legal online betting website would entertain such technology within their games.

  • Dealer 

A dealer is an actual human presence in a live casino. The concept of live casino starts with a gamer being able to interact with a real person and that is what the dealer does. The dealer is responsible for diminishing the difference between a traditional casino experience and the gaming experience in an equivalent online portal of the best online casino in Singapore. The dealer is a highly trained professional and expert in conducting casino games. The presence of a smart card with the dealer helps in tracking every move that he makes while conducting the game.

  • Monitor

The monitor is the screen that displays what the player can see on his personal screen. The player can choose not to appear on the screen by selecting a ‘blind spot’ of the camera. The presence of a monitor is beneficial for the dealer. It urges the dealer to action whenever necessary and also enables them to keep a track of the game by tracking the bets placed and prompting on those bets which can be closed.  It is a very essential technical component as it allows the dealer to see the gamers who are online. It also makes chatting between the players and the dealer possible in an online casino Singapore.

live casino singapore

Location to be considered

There are factors to be considered while deciding on a live casino portal. If you are a beginner, you must know that location of the online casino provider is very essential while signing up for a live dealer casino. Generally, the live dealer casinos are broadcasted from either a traditional physical casino or from the live steaming portal of a legal online betting website.

If the information about the location is absent or you anyhow fail to draw any information about it, then it is best not to go forward with the portal. Further, you must also look for the type of software that they use and the quality of live streaming before signing up on the online casino.

live casino singapore


The exciting part of live casinos is that the games are played in real-time through a real person and not everything about it is virtual. This gives the player a feel of the physical casinos that have wooed gamblers of all time and that too from the comfort of their homes.

The players are able to participate through a gaming console and can avail the live chat feature as well. Surely, building live casinos involves more time involvement and financial investments. It is due to the modern day technical advancements that the live casinos are made possible.

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