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'Super Smash Bro. Ultimate' character was announced at the Gaming Awards yesterday. Here are all the memes from fans!

New ‘Super Smash Bros.’ character: All the memes from excited fans

Sephiroth has officially“descend(ed) into battle”! When the newest DLC (downloadable content) Super Smash Bro. Ultimate character was announced at the Gaming Awards yesterday, Final Fantasy fans went crazy. Sephiroth might not have been your ultimate pick, and if this is the case thank goodness you have the Internet to meme your disappointment into oblivion. 

Some say the Super Smash community is toxic. While that may be true at times, they sure know how to have a laugh. The memes for possible DLC characters abound. From complete goofs to characters people would actually love to become playable, these super smash bro character memes will have you falling off your gaming chair. 

Look out 

The real main character of Legend of Zelda has arrived. 

We’re down 

If Microsoft can hop on the bandwagon, Nickelodeon might as well join too. 


Let’s add some politicians while we’re at it. 


Can you imagine how many weeaboos would piss themselves from excitement? 

He won’t let you finish. . .

your Smash combo. 

What was that? 

It’s Sheik, not Shrek. Whoops. 

His taunt? 

“That’s all, folks.” 


We just had to include this one, no matter how overused this joke is. 

You’ve got to admit . . . 

Crashing the game would be an effective final smash. 

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