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Preventive maintenance for slot machines – How to resolve the problem of breakdown

Can you imagine a night at your gaming business when your customers are busy playing their slots and having a gala time when suddenly the machine malfunctions! There’s no doubt about the fact that video game or slot machine terminals are a money maker for your gaming business or a bar or restaurant. Besides directly generating revenue, slot machines can also boost profits by luring more customers to your bar or gaming institution. 

However, the catch is that your slot machines will only help you in making money till they’re working properly. As soon as there is an ‘Out of Order’ sign, the customers will get annoyed and disappointed. Hence, slow machine maintenance is vital to prevent sudden and unexpected downtime. Preventive maintenance of slot machine is a part of commercial property maintenance. Read on to know how to maintain and take care of your electronic slot machines.

Maintaining electronic slot machines

As compared to maintaining old-school mechanical slots, it is easier to take care of digital slot machine. Digital slots don’t require regular lubrication, internal cleaning or daily adjustments. Here are a few useful tips on how to service them and keep making money through them.

  • The video game terminal should look nice

You have to keep in mind that gamers get attracted to slot machines that are shiny and bright. A dilapidated-looking or shabby slot machine is never going to attract players. They will be left wondering whether or not the terminal is working. Hence, keep the cabinet dusted and tidy. Wipe it off with a cloth that is damp and then polish it thoroughly. 

  • Safeguard the slot machine from adverse situations

Rapid movements or tremors can spoil an electronic slot machine and hence this should be avoided as much as possible. You should also protect your slot machine from getting wet. Make sure you don’t keep the casino slots at places that are more likely to catch moisture. This will gradually creep in and spoil the machine. 

  • Focus on the bill validator of the slot machine

The slot machines usually have a bill validator and if you don’t want that to get dirty and old, you have to constantly keep cleaning them with cleaning cloth. 

  • Maintain a clean gaming area

Try to keep the entire gaming area clean by not spilling any trash. You can discuss with your VGT operator about installing cell phone charger stations and installing cupholders on your spacers. This will help them gain a better gaming experience while enjoying all the other facilities of the gaming station. 

  • Call experts if you’re not a pro

Finally, you don’t require doing any type of slot maintenance or slot machine care that you’re not sure of. Once you decide to leave it on experts, you should get in touch with professional maintenance companies that can help you with slot machine maintenance. They will calculate the mean time to failure and give you the actual time it takes to repair a downtime. 

How preventive maintenance is beneficial for a gaming company

  • Preventive maintenance detects a malfunction before it affects the machine and leads to a breakdown. Technicians can discover a developing issue way before time and resolve the matter with a few adjustments.
  • Preventive maintenance keeps you from losing time on repair. Since preventive maintenance detects problems early, the technician can predict the requirement for tools that are not readily available. Hence, you don’t have to waste time during a repair.
  • Preventive maintenance saves you money. Although this is not a free service, it saves your money in the long run. Maintenance costs are much cheaper than having to repair a broken-down slot machine.

Therefore, if you’re the owner of a slot machine or a gaming institution, invest in preventative maintenance of your slot machine in order to boost your returns without failure. 

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