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Read on to find out which games require the most the most skill.

The best skill-based games of 2021

Most Skillful Games in 2021 

While many video games are designed to be fun and enjoyable for the whole family, there are just as many where you have to play for hours on end like with Gta 5 cheats to gain the skills necessary to be the best you can be.

If you want to play online bingo and relax, but you want to challenge yourself and your skills against other players, these are the games for you. 

Apex Legends

While it is a battle royale-style game, Apex Legends differs from the other BR’s on the market. You play in teams of three, with each character having unique abilities, and even individual movement and speed. 

Apex Legends requires you to not only be a master of your character, but you also have to know when to use your abilities in a fight. You must know your teammate’s weaknesses, how your abilities work with your team’s abilities, or how your abilities work for or against opponents. Some BR’s are just about shooting and running; Apex isn’t one of those. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

Counter-Strike is still one of the most skillful games on the planet. The 5 vs. 5 first-person shooter pits terrorists against counter-terrorists. One team is trying to plant a bomb; the other must stop them or defuse it. 

CS is like a chess game; it is about knowing where your opponents are, where to throw smoke grenades so you aren’t seen, and the precision required for shooting is unbelievable. You just have to watch a pro game to see just how much skill is needed to be competitive. 


If a game requires micro-management, it will definitely be a game that requires a ton of skill, and DOTA is one of those games. You take control of a character with unique skills and abilities; you and your team then battle across the map and your opponents, defeating creatures, crushing your opponents, and eventually destroying their Nexus to win. 

The skill necessary to know what is happening with your teammates, where your enemies are, when to use your powers, and where to move even is impressive. Once again, watching a professional DOTA game is almost too confusing to follow; try playing it then. 


Fortnite is still one of the most skilled games out there. The battle royale sees you drop into a map, where you then have to gather resources, weapons, and ammo, before fighting and defeating opponents. The last man standing wins. 

While being able to shoot is necessary, Fortnite tests players with the building mechanic. You can build structures to traverse the environment, and more importantly, outflank enemies or protect yourself. Building, trying to outflank, and shoot your opponent simultaneously is far, far more complicated than you think. 

League of Legends 

League of Legends is similar to DOTA in many ways, just with different maps, characters, and powers. The premise is the same, two teams battle to destroy the other’s base while moving across a map, controlling specific points, and defeating NPC enemies. 

Once again, micro-management is the name of the game; it isn’t just about doing your own thing; what you do and how you do it directly impacts whether or not your team wins. The game has an outstanding balance between individual ability and teamwork. 

Which is why it is recommended to use lol scripts. Because this way you can significantly increase your chances of winning!


Overwatch is a team-based shooter where two teams battle against each other and have to complete an objective. Once again, we see each character with their special attacks, building up power through fighting and winning. 

Overwatch is very teamwork-oriented; if you aren’t in sync with your team, you will lose every time. You also have to be a master of your character, movement and have extensive knowledge of the maps you play on. 


PUBG is one of the most well-known battle royale’s out there. You get dropped into a map, you must loot up with gear and weapons, and then fight and defeat opponents to win. PUBG differs from other BR’s in quite a substantial way. 

There is far less room for error in PUBG. You need to be on top of your game from the moment you drop in, or you will die in a few seconds. It requires a high level of shooting ability and map knowledge, as well as the ability to outmaneuver opponents with nothing but your wits. 

Rocket League

On the surface, Rocket League just looks like a simple game of car soccer; however, while this is partly true, that isn’t the whole story. Rocket League allows you to control a high-speed car in an arena while you try to score goals with the giant ball. 

The skill is in movement. Controlling your vehicle, using boosts correctly, avoiding accidents, and spinning and flipping your way to the goal is far more complex than it seems. 

Rainbow 6 Siege 

Since its release, R6 Siege has become famous for one strange reason, it is too difficult to play and master, which turns off new players. It is similar to Counter-Strike with regards to small teams trying to either plant or defuse a bomb. 

R6 has far more movement mechanics than CS, allowing players to shoot through doors and walls, set up traps, scout, barricade certain areas. It is a combination of CS and a castle siege-type game. There is also no aim-assist, meaning you will have a bad time if you can’t shoot. 

Starcraft II

Starcraft II is widely regarded as one of the most skillful games on earth. You have to build a base, mine resources, create an army and then defeat your opponent. However, it isn’t close to as easy as it sounds. 

The speed at which games are played is mind-boggling. Pro players have macro keys that allow them to control workers in their base, start building new structures in different parts of the map and move soldiers and advance scouts simultaneously. 

Watching pro games will show you players frantically clicking and tapping away at their keyboard, performing multiple tasks at once every few seconds, and having complete awareness of the map, their army, and what their opponents are doing. No other game requires you to multitask as Starcraft does. 

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