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A comfortable, supportive, and enjoyable environment will allow you to focus 100% of your attention on gameplay. Here's how to create the perfect setup.

Gaming Setup: How to Create the Perfect Place

A comfortable, supportive, and enjoyable environment will allow you to focus 100% of your attention on gameplay. As a result, it could transform your performance and maximize your enjoyment each time you sit in front of a TV or computer screen. If you suspect your current gaming setup is affecting your skills, it might be time to make a few adjustments to your surroundings. Continue reading to learn how to create the perfect place.

Adjust Your Monitor

Comfort is essential when playing a game for many hours at a time. It doesn’t matter if you are playing Call of Duty on a games console or poker and blackjack at an online casino via a PC; you must ensure your monitor remains a little above eye level during gameplay. It will help you avoid neck strain as you play, ensuring you feel comfortable and pain-free during and after a game. Choose a height-adjustable, articulating, or full-motion mount to adjust your monitor with ease.

Tweak Your Lighting

Dim lighting is essential during gameplay. An ambient backdrop will help you fully immerse yourself in a title and protect your eyes from dazzling light or sudden flashes, which can prevent unnecessary distractions. To create ambient lighting, you could introduce dimmable lighting, install wall lights, or position spotlights over your gaming setup. Many gamers prefer LED lighting strips, which they can position across their furniture, walls, and desk to support gameplay. Also, the LED strips could even feature various colors to alter the backdrop when desired.

Find the Perfect Chair

As you may spend many hours sitting on a gaming chair, it is crucial it feels comfortable and supportive every day. For this reason, you must never settle for a cheap seat that will force you to sacrifice comfort. Instead, consider paying a little extra for a high-quality, ergonomic gaming chair that will make you feel relaxed and physically supported when immersing yourself in a shooter game, retro title, or card game. Look for a gaming chair that provides superb lumbar or full-body support to prevent or reduce pain during gameplay. If you have a little extra cash to splash, buy an ergonomic gaming chair with additional features, such as massage options, built-in speakers, adjustable armrests, or drink holders.

Soundproof the Space

The last thing you will want is to disturb your neighbors during gameplay or to receive a frustrated knock on your door in the middle of a tournament. Soundproofing your gaming setup will provide peace of mind that nearby houses can’t hear a loud game. For instance, you could insulate your walls, hang soundproof doors, or install acoustic tiles to decrease the room’s noise level.

Wear a Quality Headset

Of course, a good-quality headset is a great way to crank up a game’s volume without disturbing your neighbors or anyone else in the home. Many wired and wireless headset options are available, and you would be wise to factor noise cancellation, sound quality, and a high-quality microphone into your decision.

Introduce Storage Solutions

Every passionate gamer must introduce one or more storage solutions into their setup. Floating shelves are a great option, as they will ensure essential items are within arm’s reach and can display your favorite gaming accessories, artwork, and video games. Also, introduce storage chests or boxes to house new and retro games consoles, equipment, games, and more.

Don’t allow a room’s environment to detract from gameplay. Find ways to improve your comfort, focus, and support when playing a game on a PC or video game console. It will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a title and blow your online competition out of the water.

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