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Poker is one of the most popular gambling games there is. Find out whether Reddit forums improve your game or is merely a waste of time.

Reddit Poker and Poker Forums: Yay or Nay?

Most US poker players nowadays rely on online gambling options. That can make for a somewhat lonely experience. There’s a common misconception that this is only for virtual poker players. But that’s not true. Players can experience the same loneliness with live poker tournaments. That’s because everyone at the table concentrates on their strategies.

On the casino floor, players have the luxury of talking to other players and spectators during or after a game. It could be to discuss strategies or share tips. These can be useful for upcoming games. So, to get this social element back, poker players turn to online poker Reddit recommendations like on Money Poker Sites or forums such as GPWA.

There, they can hold various discussions with fellow poker players. These channels also do not discriminate, so both new and professional players can freely share their opinion.

The Popularity of Subreddits

There are several social media sites that poker players can communicate on. However, research shows that Reddit is one of the platforms that has had an impressively growing fan base since late 2019. There have been over 50,000 new subreddits registered each month since November 2019 to date. Reddit’s growth comes only second to YouTube’s growth within the same period.

Part of the reason for the increasing user numbers comes from how subreddits work. It’s easy for users to sign up and post their questions or ideas. The platform also helps create communities where people with the same interests can interact. 

There, users don’t get a lot of reposts, meaning subreddits often feature new posts. That makes it possible for poker players to find like-minded individuals they can bounce gameplay ideas off of.

Pros and Cons of Reading Poker Subreddits

Spending time on poker subreddits and poker forums has desirable and undesirable effects. Some users see benefits, while others don’t see the point. So, should you take part in these discussions or not? Here’s a breakdown of some of the outcomes we’ve noticed based on our time browsing poker subreddits.


Social interaction

The main reason for relying on these poker channels is to socialize. We found you can learn a lot if you land on the right subreddits and forums to follow. There’s a wealth of knowledge thanks to the channels having professionals posting the tips they use while playing poker. Besides that, users also get to share their various experiences playing poker.

Poker gaming resources

These channels enable you to know the best books to buy whether you’re a professional or not. There are a lot of poker gaming books out there. However, based on a fellow player’s review of a book, you’ll be able to find out which ones are worth buying.


Bad advice

Not everyone at these forums advises on strategies they’ve used. As such, you would have to go through a trial-and-error phase to learn what’s true and what’s not. That can be costly in the long run, which would probably make you hate the game.

Time wastage

There is a lot of information on these forums, as everyone is allowed to post their thoughts. Unfortunately, not everything is poker-related. Some people will post about anything. So, sometimes, getting to the post that helps you improve your poker gameplay may take a lot of time.

You may also find subreddits with a lot of good information. However, you may not notice how much time it’s taking you to go from one subreddit to another. So, instead of spending a few minutes looking for poker tips, you realize an hour or two have gone by.

Alternatives To Subreddits and Poker Forums

We’re not saying that using these platforms is a bad thing. However, it’s not wise to spend all your time there hoping you’ll become a better poker player in the end. Here are a few tips on spending your time more wisely to build your poker gaming skills.

  • Play more – To get better at poker, you need to play more games. For new players, a virtual free poker game is an ideal place to start. They’ll gain skills without spending money. Players can even hold a friendly poker match with their buddies at home. That way, they get to experience real thrills while learning the best game strategies for different situations and poker variants.
  • Use social media – Besides Reddit and poker forums, you can look for private Facebook groups for poker players. Since these are closed-off groups, the conversations there tend to be more meaningful and to the point.
  • Find training sites – Players can also look out for training videos. We found these to be the most beneficial since it’s hands-on training for various poker games.
  • Network with players – Whenever possible, take part in poker meet and greets with other players. Just like with the private Facebook groups, these will have serious players in attendance. So, players can get advice from people who know all about playing to win.

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