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Sweepstakes casinos are a great alternative for players who want to play a few games for free. Here are sites where you can win money.

There are sites where you can win real money online for free

Sweepstakes casinos are a great alternative for players who want to play a few games for free. You’ll even have the chance to redeem any winnings you earn in return for a cash prize.  Sweepstakes are increasing in popularity as enthusiasts welcome the chance to play all their favorite titles without having to make a purchase on the site! That means you can play online games at a social sweepstake casino and redeem for a cash prize without having to part with a dime. 

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What kinds of games do social casinos have? 

Sweepstakes games are those with an element of competition which offer a prize to the person or people who win. This type of contest is common in sporting events, but today it has moved online and been transformed by social casinos to offer new and exciting games to all kinds of players. There are hundreds of titles to choose from at a standard sweepstake casino, so whether you thrive on competition or you prefer to relax after a busy day, you’ll find something to keep yourself amused.

Everyone has the chance to win

The games are all based on chance, so you’ll have to hope that your luck holds out because the software ensures a winner is always chosen entirely at random. That means you won’t need years of experience, or the skills of a professional in order to sit down and try out a few spins. Once you understand the basics, such as how to get started and how to play, you’re good to go. Better still, as these are games of chance, beginners and experienced players have the same opportunity to do well. You can share your scores with friends on social media and play against each other, whether you’ve never entered before or you’ve been spinning the slots for years. 

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No-pressure gaming at any time of day

Players also love sweepstakes games because they can dip in and out of the experience over the course of a day, playing when they have a free moment or when they’ve got more time to themselves. Whether you prefer to spend two minutes on a slot or half an hour, your chances of winning will be the same, so you can step away whenever you need to. As you’d expect, all the best quality social casinos use an RNG algorithm to keep their games completely fair and a neutral payout table that’s designed to give everyone an awesome experience. 

Play at your own pace

Fun play can also fit in better with your lifestyle and the times you tend to spin. If you’re on the daily commute or waiting at the dentist, social casinos are ideal, as you don’t have to concentrate to play. You can even game while you’re chatting with friends or watching a movie, because it’s all free and you won’t need to overthink every move you make. Plus, if you tend to avoid gaming when you’re stressed as it can lead to losses, you can play sweepstakes instead, because your style of play won’t matter. At a social casino, you can play without worrying about your bankroll, the limitations of your budget or the pressure to do well. 

A huge selection of titles 

Look out for all the slots you already know and love at sweepstakes casinos, as well as progressive games and a selection of table games. You’ll also find a great spread of traditional games along with many others that are completely fresh. In terms of gaming themes, your favorite sweepstakes casino has you covered with titles inspired by horror, movies, adventure and more, to deliver all those familiar thrills. To enhance your experience, you’ll find plenty of classics from casino-style gaming. Along with baccarat, blackjack and roulette, many even offer the sweepstakes’ own version of poker. 

How can you win a cash prize? 

You’re probably wondering how you can redeem a cash prize without spending any money when all the games are free. In order to abide by US laws, sweepstake casinos allow their gamers to play for free at all times. You can open an account, then login to play online from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, depending on how you prefer to play. Once you’re ready to go, you can play a game using the virtual sweepstakes coins provided for free by the social casino, then redeem these for cash prizes. Let’s take a closer look at how it works: 

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Using promotional sweepstake coins

At Chumba Casino, you can enter a game using gold coins, while at Wow Vegas, it’s the sweepstake coins that are redeemable for cash prizes – even though neither coin has any cash value itself. These promotional sweepstake coins require no payment. They can be obtained free by logging in regularly, taking advantage of an email offer or in a competition on the casino’s social media pages. Once you’ve built up your winnings, you can exchange these sweepstake coins on the social casino’s website and redeem real cash prizes. 

How do I get a sweepstake casino welcome bonus?

To get you started, OddsSeeker has all the latest news on welcome bonuses and offers that will give you access to free coins at the sweepstakes casino of your choice. So, if you need a Fortune Coins promo code or a bonus deal for another site, you won’t need to search for hours to find one. These offers include a range of free slots which require no payment, and you can also take advantage of a social casino’s promotional sweepstakes games. 

Test your luck today

Although social casinos are relatively new, there has been a massive surge in the number of people checking out what they have on offer. Once they’ve signed up, players get to enjoy all the excitement and anticipation of gaming, without having to spend any cash. With an account of your own, you can expect an incredible user experience, plenty of new and familiar titles and reliable customer support from whichever social casino you choose. 

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