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Pro gamers reveal that playing solo gameplay will give you more killing chances. Here are the best tips for winning in Pubg.

5 Practical Tips to Get More kills in Pubg

It is quite understandable for the gamer; winning in pubg with no kills is quite embarrassing. No matter if you win or lose, you want to make more kills than your friends. You don’t need to worry. We are here to share 6 fresh and practical tips for your better gaming and winning opportunity. 

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Play Solo vs. Squad.

Pro gamers reveal that playing solo gameplay will give you more killing chances as compared to playing in a squad. It will help you to improve your gameplay. Just avoid all these myths and other aspects. Just remember getting on the field will give you 3 extra kills. 

Getting stuck with solo gameplay will boost your game as you explore various killing techniques that help you stand out from other players. On the other hand, playing with a squad keeps you bound, and you will have to follow a restricted game plan. 

Try Aggressive Gameplay. 

Have you ever noticed pro gamers who usually attack other players rather than defend themselves? Why? Well, shooting is the first shape of defense. We have seen over 99% of gamers generally make this mistake to protect themselves.

Just remember attacking and rushing in the game will benefit you to score better kills plus heightens your gaming skills swiftly. Moreover, what’s more satisfying than dying while fighting instead of winning while hiding in overall gameplay?

So, attack your enemies potentially and make them wow while seeing your gameplay. 

Arrive in High Traffic Region:

Unfortunately, landing in a traffic region will never get you to achieve more kills. If you want to boost up your killing ratio and want to surprise your enemies, just land in peak traffic areas like School, Rozhok, and pochinki. 

Moreover, it will help you challenge your gaming skills by engaging with more competitive players. We believe that if you start practicing today, you will kill all of them by flash.

Over-loot the Biggest Mistake.

If you notice the gameplay of pro gamers, they never overlook it. Well, a looter can be the pro-winner in Pubg. If you want to prevent yourself from being killed instantly after starting the game, put an end to over-looting. 

Many players overlook and end up being killed by competitive ones. So, loot less and focus more on the gameplay. It is one of the most practical tips for gaining more skills. 

Fend off Long Range Combats:

If you plan to play the solo gameplay, just avoid long-range Combats. Why? Are we saying this? If you knock down one, two, or even three players, it won’t help you as they will get back to you after reviving. Therefore,  entering long-range fights can be lethal. 

So, you should prefer short-range combats and make your enemies go dumb with your explosive attacking ability. Watch and learn how pro gamers attack in different good positions.  

Use Vehicles to Change your Location:

By using vehicles, you will change your location faster and protect yourself from killing. Getting into the car will help you to spot more enemies too. 

Let us wrap up:

If you want to lift your gaming experience by killing more, just follow the instructions above. We believe the above practical techniques will enhance your killing ratio. So just read the above guide carefully and rock and roll on the battlefield. 

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