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Bored with online poker? So are we! It's been a year since we've seen an in-person tournament. Here's how long we'll have to wait.

Will we see a return of in-person poker tournaments in 2021?

The pandemic that swept across the globe and changed things for everyone had a significant impact and one that continues to be felt in all corners that the world has to offer.

Many sporting & music events, as well as many other things such as daily social interactions, have all been highly impacted over the course of 2020 and 2021, with people being in attendance having been banned or, at the very least, severely restricted.

Vaccines a positive for in-person poker competitions

However, there has been some good news emerging in recent months, with the news of vaccines that are helping to eliminate the virus that has changed things forever.

Indeed, whilst this news is brilliant for everyone, poker players will also be amongst some of those who will be equally delighted at the possibility of being able to go back to playing at tournaments physically, rather than having to play online poker with friends and virtual competitions.

Admittedly, their careers might not have taken the biggest hit as they have had the ability to use the online scene to try and continue to make a living and carry on with their careers, however there’s no denying that they have still been impacted heavily.

We all know that playing an online poker tournament instead of in-person is far from the same, as there could be a number of disadvantages associated with it. For example, poker players like to be able to read the room, which is generally done by looking at your opponent and reading the body language that they provide, or by trying to identify any tells that they may have. This simply can’t be done on an online platform, thus making it a little harder.

Europe have started to bring them back

Countries in Europe have started to lead the way in regards to bringing back live in-person poker tournaments in 2021, with places like Switzerland having already held events. Although the Swiss country has not become famous for its poker rooms on offer, its location has proven popular with poker players in the continent, as it sits in a rather central location.

Three of their major casinos have started to allow in-person poker tournaments to take place, with the prerequisite that players wear a face covering, such as a mask. This rule has been made mandatory when sitting at a poker table, although it contrasts with many other countries in the world, where some do not require the mask as a mandatory safety precaution – such as in the UK – whilst other countries require a mask to be worn whenever outside the property in which they live – Spain.

Restrictions still exist making it hard to predict

Unfortunately, it’s perhaps still too early to answer as to whether in-person poker tournaments will take place in 2021 as many countries around the world find themselves in different and difficult situations. These, then, impact on the poker players looking to play in these tournaments, as travel restrictions are just one of the preventative measures that certain countries have taken.

Without being able to travel as freely as we all once were, the logistics involving an in-person poker tournament are a lot more challenging than they already were.

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