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There are tons of exciting online slots to play. Here's a rundown of the best slot options to use in Japan.

Best online slots in Japan 2020

Online slots are easily the most sought-after within the world of online casinos. Easily playable at any time and with exciting winnings that can amount to hundreds of dollars. 

Online casinos are not an alien concept for Japanese players, and especially 2020 has seen more venture into this world. And as the spinning of slots gets more popular, the players seem to have taken a special liking towards Starburst, developed by NetEnt. 

Other online slots such as Hawaiian dream, Moon Princess, and Book of Dead are also equally high in demand. However, the most played Japanese popular online slots of 2020 undoubtedly would be Starburst with its high ratings and high returns.  Let’s have a look at the best online slot ranking.

Popular Online Slots in Japan in 2020


One doesn’t need to be an expert to play Starburst. NetEnt definitely raised their worth highly as game providers with the release of Starburst. The allure of free spins and Jackpots might be missing, yet it stands to be one with the highest RTPs (Return to player) without the complexities of most online slots. If you are a beginner looking for high rewards, Starburst is the way to go.

Hawaiian Dream

Adaptable to beginners yet not dull for the pros, Hawaiian Dream has been the classic choice for Japanese players who prefer the traditional Japanese casino style. This game as well as promises fruitful rewards, and with a 97% RTP, Hawaiian Dream remains a highly played online slot of 2020, not only in Japan but also overseas. 

Moon Princess

The characters here are based on the very popular Manga series, “Sailor Moon.” The fame of Moon Princess hasn’t died off among other new and upcoming online slots since it had been released in 2017. 

This game is beautiful and quite interesting, for it lacks the very “spinning” idea of online slots, which has allured many of its players over these years. Its high rewards with a 96% RTP and easy gameplay has also helped in boosting the number of players in Japan. 

Gonzo’s Quest

With high deposits and high returns, Gonzo’s Quest has also seen a high number of Japanese players for the beautiful Mayan theme with an exciting storyline as well as generous rewards. Also developed by NetEnt, With Gonzo’s Quest, it is simply easier to win, and it too lacks the spinning concept. Popular since 2010, Gonzo’s Quest has been positively reviewed consistently since then, among other online casinos. 

Jammin Jars

This is an online slot game lacking the very general outlook of most online slots. Because of its simple yet interesting puzzle-like gameplay, Jammin Jars has seen a high increase in Japanese players in 2020. 

It’s fun to play with catchy music, and if you don’t feel confident with real money, you can also play it for free. However, it too stands among the others for the bounteous RTP, which nears 96%.

Pachinko and pachislot players who miss the live experience are especially thrilled with the mobile online slot experience. Being able to win unchallenging money within the comforts of your home with often an exciting experience doesn’t sound terrible.

And as time goes by and especially 2020, has seen a soaring rise in the number of players and continues to do so.

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