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Roulette is one of the most played games in คาสิโนออนไลน์. Here's how you can play roulette online in this casino.

How To Play Roulette Game In Online Casino

Roulette is one of the most played games in คาสิโนออนไลน์. Here, you will see excitement, glamour, and suspense. The game is popular, and people all over the world love to play it in their free time. Even if you haven’t played a roulette game before, you would still recognize its wheel. 

It is an interesting game and provides you with a lot of wins. It might seem simple, but you will still face some issues while gambling. No need to worry, in today’s article we will know how to play roulette and some important strategies for winning it. It can be complicated, but after going through the below-mentioned guidelines, you won’t face any issues. 

If you also love to play tricky games where you need to use a lot of strategies and think carefully, then you will love roulette. Let’s take a look and know more about it. Before we move further, first we see what roulette is. 

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What is roulette?

In French, roulette stands for little wheel, which originated in French. Over the years, you will see many changes in the technique of playing roulette, there are multiple variations in roulette. 

There are multiple types of bets, you can make at the roulette table, you can also bet on groups, numbers, color, and at many more. Playing roulette in คาสิโนออนไลน์ will be a new experience as in land-based casinos, it is played at a large table, while in the casino, you will see the same structure in screen. There will be an operator, who will manage roulette and allow you to play the game conveniently. 

Different bets in the Roulette game

There are different types of bets in Roulette games for winning money, you need to understand these bets before you start gambling. 

  1. Inside bets
  • Single number bet, in this bet you need to place a chip on top of that number. If that number comes, then you will win that chance and it will pay you 35 to 1.
  • In split bets, you need to choose two numbers that should be adjacent in the Roulette table. This chip will be placed in the line between these numbers. If either of the numbers comes, you will win.
  • Street bets are placed on any row of three numbers that are adjacent to each other. You need to place the chip on the edge. 
  • A corner bet is placed on four numbers and a chip will be placed on the middle point of these numbers.
  • Six line bet is placed on two lines that are adjacent to each other and each line should comprise three numbers. If any of those numbers come, you will win.
  1. Outside bets
  • In an Even/odd bet, all the odd numbers and even will be included, if the ball lands on these numbers, you will win.
  • In black or red bet, you need to get numbers that are either in black or even numbers. 
  • In column bet, you need to get numbers that will be in the column of 12 numbers.
  • In a dozen bets, you need to get at least one group out of 12 numbers, if the ball lands on your preferred number, you will win.

Let’s know the basics first then we will go through the difficult part.

  • The first thing, you need to do is understand the equipment. In this wheel, you will see 36 numbers. Along with these numbers, 0 is also included. There will be an operator in the game, who will throw this ball in the wheel, and once the wheel will stop spinning, it will land on one number. With the correlation of spinning and landing, bets will be made. If the ball land on your preferred number, you will win the chance, and if not you will lose the chance. Apart from numbers, you will also find odd, even, black and red options. 
  • Now, it’s time to understand the inside bet for winning multiple chances. A player needs to anticipate which number a ball can land. For doing this, there are multiple bets to place. If you place a bet on some specific number, it can enhance your winning chances. So, placing these bets is good. Straight up bet can pay you 35 to 1, Go for split betting which will pay 17 to 1. You can also go for street betting, which can give you 11 to 1. With just one chip, you can place a minimum of three bets, and you need to place them at the end of each street in the game. Placing corner bets on four numbers can pay 8 to 1. The chip will be placed in between the four numbers. Choosing six-line betting is also good for winning money, it can pay 5 to 1. 
  • Once you understand inside bets, it’s time to understand outside bets. In these types of bets, no number is included. It is available on the outside of the number map, here you will find rules regarding color and even/odd. If you get black or red color betting, then you will get 1 to 1. For odd and even betting, you will get 1 to 1. Placing betting on 12 numbers will pay you 2 to 1. Getting a dozen bets will pay you 2 to 1. For low and high bets, you will get 1 to 1. 
  • It’s time to know the odds, in each roulette game you will see that the house always has an edge. All bets are mostly paid on odds, so it is important for understanding the odds. All these things can be helpful for you in winning more money. 

Now, it’s time to play. After you understand all the rules, you can start gambling. You need to be vigilant and careful while gambling as it can help you in earning more cash. 

In a roulette game, you need to win more chips than your opponent to win more money. For winning it’s important to manage rewards and risks and need to make good bets, don’t choose bets carelessly as it can decrease your chances of winning. 

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