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Online Roulette: A Guide For Beginners — 2023 Updated

At the mention of casinos and gambling, many people have associations related to roulette – the wheel of Fortune has long been an unofficial hallmark of the gambling business. In our article, we will consider all the features and rules of the game that beginners should know about. Of course, it is impossible to cover all varieties within the framework of one material, so we will focus on the classics: French, European and American – the most popular types of roulette. 

Online Roulette Rules 

The game wheel is divided into 37 sectors corresponding to numbers from 0 to 36. The space is further divided into color zones, including red and black. American roulette has 38 sectors, due to the additional double zero (00) it significantly increases the chances of the casino to take the pot. 

The player chooses a number or one of the available betting options. The croupier accepts the choice made and places the chips in the appropriate area on a special table. If the bet is correct, the player receives a reward.

Different types of roulette have certain rules. In the American game, this is a surrender, thanks to which half of the bet is returned to the player with equal chances if the ball stops at zero. In European – en is a prison that allows you to leave a bet made on equal chances for the next spin and, if it turns out to be successful, then the entire amount is returned to the player, but without winning from above. In French – la partage, obliging the croupier to return half the bet if the chances are equal, when the ball stops at zero.

How To Win At Online Roulette

The result of each spin depends on luck. However, there are a few tips that will help increase your chances of leaving the casino with a full pocket: 

  • study the rules carefully;
  • use special strategies;
  • do not bet on everything if you are not sure of your decision;
  • play in reliable casinos.

Many bettors prefer even odds betting because of the relatively high probability of winning. Most representatives of this category of roulette lovers are supporters of the Martingale system, which is also used in trading. The essence of the strategy is simple: to each subsequent bet, the player adds the amount lost in previous spins, but not won back. One successful bet compensates for the loss and brings a win.

Types Of Bets In Online Roulette

All types of bets are available for gamblers at Highway Casino. The most popular bets are on equal chances. These include: black or red, even or odd, large or small (1-18 and 19-36). Reward 1 to 2.

The most risky bets are per unit and number. The reward is 1 to 36. There are other bets: 

  • Split;
  • Straight;
  • Square;
  • Column;
  • Dozen;
  • Line;
  • a bet on 5 numbers at the intersection of the line separating the outside and inside betting areas and the line separating the single and double zero from the rest of the table.

The last bet is provided only in American roulette. Winnings are paid 1 to 6. The advantage of the casino is 5.26% – the risk is quite high.

Split – a bet on 2 numbers in adjacent positions, a street – on 3, four of a kind – on 4, a line – on 6. A column of 12 numbers closes (3-12, 5-24, 27-36). Dozen is a bet on 12 numbers in sequence (from 1 to 12 and so on). The amount of remuneration may vary depending on the rules in force in a particular type of roulette. 

Chips And Secrets Of Playing Online Roulette 

There is no strategy that is guaranteed to bring mountains of gold. Various systems, including Martingale, only increase the probability of winning and nothing more.

It is impossible to calculate where the ball will stop. The chances of guessing and betting on the same sector depend solely on luck. It is pointless to follow the croupier’s movements, as well as to count the zones on the game wheel, although this is not prohibited.

Dealers need to be checked. Maintenance of a roulette wheel is quite difficult psychologically and physically. Usually dealers are not mistaken, but you should not write off the human factor. If something like this happens, then with a 99% probability it will be just the result of absent-mindedness, and in no case a manifestation of casino policy.

What Not To Do When Playing Online Roulette 

Do not try to place bets after the croupier has completed the reception – wait for the next spin. No need to interrupt the dealer or try to put the chips on the table yourself. Remember that the roulette wheel is operated by a casino employee. In no case should the dealer be prevented from fulfilling his duties by words or actions! 

Do not try to use devices that allow you to calculate on which sector the ball will stop. Most likely, the “cunning” electronics simply will not work as it should. In addition, the casino security service will notice the device very quickly – for trying to gain an advantage in a dishonest way, the guest will be expelled and blacklisted.

Play carefully and don’t bet on everything. Of course, everyone decides whether to go for broke or not, but in most cases, such a risk is fraught with the loss of a large amount. However, you might be lucky! However, you need to be ready for the end of the game if the rotation is unsuccessful.

Online Roulette In 2023: How Is It?

American, French, American and other types of roulette are available to users in online casinos. Visually, the simulator looks the same as a game steering wheel and a regular table. The duties of the dealer are performed by artificial intelligence.

The user makes a bet and hopes for luck, and the random number generator calculates the result of the spin in a fraction of a second. It is impossible to influence the operation of the software solution. The random number generator is the perfect luck simulator. The lucky one can become the owner of a tidy sum in absolutely any spin!

The same rules apply in the network as in the casino. As for special rules, it is better to clarify this information in the technical description of the simulator, which can be found by pressing a special button on the simulator control panel. In addition, all the necessary information is provided by the customer support service.

Perhaps you are ready to try your luck with a live dealer? The game takes place at a remote table in the provider’s studio or in a real casino. The user interacts with the dealer using a special interface, including placing bets. The dealer communicates verbally and uses a set set of gestures, which solves the problem of the language barrier.

In general, playing with a croupier online is no different from roulette, which is available in every casino. Everything that happens at the table is broadcast in real time – you can watch every action of the dealer. Programs do not affect the gameplay in any way – the roulette wheel, which the croupier serves, is a standard mechanical equipment.

Most types of roulette offered by online casinos can be played for free. In live, that is, in the game with a live dealer, only real money is used. If you want to try your luck in the company of the croupier, be ready to replenish the deposit with the required amount. Beginners are advised to start the game with simulators.

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