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Playing live roulette online is just as thrilling as playing in person at a casino. Find out what are the best bets you can place online in order to win big from any game!

Bets you can place in online roulette games

Playing roulette in a land-based casino usually has a great atmosphere. You don’t get that experience when playing roulette online, although thanks to the innovative live roulette feature, you now get the best of both worlds.

Playing live roulette online is definitely worth a try, and if you already know how the game works, it means it’s even better because you know the rules. The live dealer adds a dynamic edge to the concept, as the games are streamed from a studio with a real dealer that you interact with online to place your bets.

There are many types of bets in virtual roulette, which makes it an interesting game. Only you decide how much you want to gamble and how far you want to go. Check out our guide to the types of bets available in roulette. The simplest division of the different types of bets that players can use in roulette is into inside bets and outside bets. For simplicity, inside bets are numerical bets. These are the most well-known types of so-called inside bets:

  • Bet on a specific number (you place your bet in the middle of the number box)
  • Bet on 2 specific numbers (adjacent, the bet is placed on their border)
  • Bet on 3 specific numbers (horizontal placement)
  • Bet on 4 specific numbers (you must place the bet on the place where the four boxes meet, in the middle)

Online casino offer their players different kinds of bonuses, which are often very tempting. Most of the time, these bonuses are for new players who have registered with the casino and plan to make their first deposit, or for members of the casino’s VIP program. We will introduce some of these types of bonuses in this article. The welcome bonus is for new casino players. This bonus can be used on any game from the casino’s offer, including roulette. It depends on the casino what form this bonus will take. It may give it to you for signing up, or with your first or first few deposits. Most of the time, it is conditional on the first deposit of a new player and the amount depends on that deposit.

This bonus always has clearly stated conditions. Most of the time, the lowest and highest possible deposit and bonus are precisely specified, as well as the period and the amount of deposit you have to spin in the game to get the bonus. If you are interested in online roulette, you will definitely find free spins or free spins interesting.

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