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Experts predict that in the near future, trends will arrive and redefine the online industry. Find out more about the online gambling trends of 2022.

New online gambling trends in 2022

In recent years, the online gambling industry has undergone some transformative changes. The inclusion of cryptocurrencies as a payment method is one of those changes. Virtual reality is now offering an even more engaging gambling experience. While casino Swiss online and some other leading online gambling platforms are popularizing these trends, they will soon become more widespread.

Cryptocurrency will dominate the industry

In the online gambling industry, it has been a while since crypto was introduced as a viable payment method. More platforms are going to accept this virtual currency. Many users prefer cryptocurrencies because they offer anonymity and a higher level of security. To minimize hacking and theft, cryptocurrencies are expected to replace traditional payment methods in the near future. 

The emerging popularity of virtual reality gambling

VR is nothing new, but this technology is improving pretty fast, and going to make online casino games more engaging. The accessories of virtual reality are becoming available to all. Experts believe that in a very short time gaming websites will provide their players with a more immersive experience.

The rise of live dealers

When it comes to choosing options for online gaming, players tend to prefer a realistic experience. To some extent, it explains the growing popularity of virtual reality technology. But rather than playing with mere artificial technology, many enjoy playing with live dealers. The reason is simple: live dealers offer a more legitimate and genuine gambling experience. Clarity is another reason why live dealers are becoming more common. It leaves no room for online casinos to cheat players on their money. 

Unique iGaming experience with smartwatches

In 2022, even more enthusiasts will use their smartwatches, apart from their mobile devices and computers. Smartwatches are quickly becoming a convenient and accessible option for playing online casino games. The wearable technology industry is growing rapidly, and it will be more prominently noticeable in 2022. Some experts predict that the wearable technology industry will become a billion dollar industry in a couple of years.

Changing habits of online casino players

For years, the gambling industry has seen a considerable impact of social and mobile gaming. People are using their tablets and smartphones for gaming, and it seems free-to-play games are growing in popularity. While F2P items do not directly produce revenue, they do so in many other ways, such as paid features and advertisements. 


Drawing in players is the main goal of all online gambling operators. To do so, platforms incentives such as engaging entertainment, rewards, programs, and customer services. Examining the trends, we can assume that more and more people will be drawn to online gambling. 

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