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Finding the perfect online casino can be tough. Here are some tips on how to discover the best rated gambling options.

How to choose the right online casino for you

Online casinos are getting increasingly more popular. There’s a convenience that comes with being able to gamble from your home, and COVID-19 has made the desire to keep physical contact low into a necessity. Just like standard casinos, however, there are tons of online casinos to choose from, whether it be Pro desi Casinos or Frank Casinos. How do you know which one is best for you?

This is where online casino rating comes in handy. provides ratings for every big casino on the internet, as well as details on what each casino has to offer in terms of perks & bonuses. It’s fun to gamble, but not when it comes to the quality of an online casino!

Overall rating score

Spin4Play organizes their casino ratings by different categories. These select categories include “Top Online Casinos”, “Certified Casinos”, “No Deposit Bonus”, and “Welcome Bonuses”. The latter two are helpful in determining which online casinos offer free cash to new players to introduce in order to secure their interest. ZigZag777 is perhaps the most notable “no deposit” casino, as they offer a rise of bonuses between 40%-70%.

Other online casinos, like Gunsbet, offer “no deposit” specials on select days of the week. The casino gives newcomers a 55% bonus deposit if they log onto the site on a Friday. It also provides information on BitStarz, a highly rated online casino that offers 20 free spins for new gamblers. These free spins do not require a deposit of any kind.

Customer ratings

Customer ratings are crucial to any online operation, and Spin4Play is no different. The site offers a wealth of written reviews from customers who have dabbled in each casino site and wanted to share their subsequent thoughts. If that weren’t helpful enough, the site breaks down each customer rating into two separate categories: “advantages” and “limitations”. This makes it easy for any prospective user to determine what casino fits their requirements.

Some users pointed out flaws that would not have otherwise surfaced on select casinos. A user named Duke claimed that the Allreels online casino forced him to write down points and did not automatically withdraw funds, which made the gambling experience less enjoyable. As a result, Duke gave the highly rated Allreels a score of nine.

Conversely, users have discussed advantages that are similarly hard to discern from the site description. A user named Eddie praised the online casino Mr. Bit (which is the best rated casino on the site) for its friendly staff and simplified interface. “They have a very friendly and helpful staff, with whom I always communicate, and this is always great, because some online casinos have shocking customer service”, Eddie wrote.” I put 10 without hesitation”.

Black list casinos

Another useful skill is being able to determine which free demo slot games are legit and which are not. Spin4Play offers a critically helpful search tool that allows you to filter out the casinos that are not as honest as they seem. There are currently no casinos listed under the “Black List”, but it’s a great tool to check periodically to make sure you avoid certain sites like the plague.

In addition the “Black List” feature, Spin4Play helps you filter through an online casino rating by allowing you to specify the software, deposit method, and casino license that you prefer. It’s a wonderfully thorough option that ensures you will find precisely the kind of gambling experience you are looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Spin4Play website and discover how to make online casino real money. Take advantage of the bonus options allotted you, and be sure to keep an eye on sites that seem less than savory.

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