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Online casinos are a huge part of the gambling experience. Here are some cool facts you may not have known.

4 Cool Facts about Online Casinos You Didn’t Know

  1. Online Gambling is Growing Stronger

  2. Over the past two decades, the online gaming industry has grown at an incredible speed. Today, online betting is a powerful activity attracting over 1.6 billion people around the world every year. 

    This is according to a study done by researchers at Washington University, St. Louis. In 2017, the global market for online gambling was estimated at USD 45.8 billion. Interestingly, these figures are expected to double in the future, with over 90% of today’s gamblers choosing to play online. 

    1. The Greatest Percentage of Gamblers are Men

    An approximate 84% of men are online casino fans, leaving women at only 16% of total punters. This is a paradox since the first casino was licensed to a female known as Mayme Stocker in 1920. The place for this legal casino was called the Northern Club and was operated in Las Vegas. 

    In a world where at least 4.2 billion people have gambled in one way or another, only 33% of players see themselves as professional gamblers. What many people don’t know is that playing lotteries at online casinos is gambling. Interestingly, about 55% of the people around the world have played online lotteries.

    1. Some People Still Play for Fun

    You would think that any online gambler is motivated by the thought of winning huge money. However, with so many casinos including demo plays and free online gaming, it’s clear that there are enthusiasts who just seek fun.

    Many still look for the experience in the game process as opposed to the possible win. 

    1. You Can Ban YourSelf From a Casino.

    If gaming interferes with your personal life, it’s possible to self-exclude from playing. Voluntary exclusion programs enable you to take charge of your gambling life, privately. If you need help to quit gambling, a good place to start is to visit

    You don’t suffer any stigma that comes when other people know you are an addict to online betting.

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