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With the success of Amazon's 'New World' in beta testing, more and more people are intrigued by the game. See why it's the fastest growing game on Steam now.

New World Gameplay Beta Topped 200k Concurrent Players on Steam

Starting from July 20th, Amazon’s MMO game – New World starts to beta testing. Although only servers in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil are currently open, and the closed beta content will not continue to the official version, a large number of players are still scramble. Although, it has one month left since the release of the gameplay, you can now equip some Cheap New World Gold now at!

According to SteamDB, New World has successfully attracted more than 200,000 players online at the same time shortly after the beta test started, second only to “CS: GO” and “Dota 2”. A week later, the peak online players remained at around 160,000. On the other hand, it was also popular on the live broadcast platform Twitch. At that time, the total number of viewers was close to 700,000, which was once more than Call of Duty: Warzone, League of Legends and Fortnite.

In response to this craze, this new work that has been finally been scheduled for releasing on August 31, 2021, and can be available for pre-order on Steam. The pre-order price of New World Standard Edition is $39.99 and the New World Deluxe Edition is $49.99. After nearly a week of pre-order, on the Steam (July 20-July 26) game sales rankings, New World Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition occupy the top two positions respectively.

As far as the beta test is concerned, the performance of “New World” is undoubtedly excellent and has made great progress. You know, the highest number of online users of the game (Crucible) during the closed beta last year was only tens of thousands. For comparison, Amazon’s Crucible reached a peak of 25,145 on release day, which dipped precipitously in the weeks following launch. The game was shelved not long after. From this point of view, “New World” is likely to become the ultimate trump card of this e-commerce giant’s dream game.

The gaming dream of this e-commerce giant has to be discussed in nine years ago. At that time, Amazon Game Studio was formally established and launched a social game called “Living Classics”. Then Amazon has invested heavily in the gaming industry, from Kindle Fire in 2011 to the acquisition of studios such as Double Helix in 2014, and then to the acquisition of the live broadcast platform Twitch in the same year. And in 2015, it was authorized by Crytek to launch its own 3A game engine, Lumberyard.

Amazon even announced at the 2016 TwitchCon conference that it would launch three new titles of “Breakaway”, “Crucible” and “New World”, each of which is a “billion dollar” masterpiece.

A lot of seeds were sown vigorously, and they should have been quietly waiting for the flowers to bloom. But things backfired. Amazon’s anticipated game landscape has been cold for many times before it even started.

On the other hand, “New World”, the only “high-ranking student” of his own, seems to have finally become the last and biggest trump card of this e-commerce giant. However, MMO is a long-life category after all. In addition to product quality and gameplay content, subsequent operations and version updates are also crucial. It may be too early to define the success or failure of “New World”, but the only certainty is that Amazon’s long-silent game business will finally usher in an earth-shaking change. The proper New World release date is set for August 31, you will get a chance to experience this upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games. To enhance your adventure and to help you keep ahead at the beginning of the game, if you are in need of New World Coins, you can come to and browse our special offers!

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