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We all love casinos as there is a certain adrenalin rush that can only be found there. Its infrastructure and the constant sound of winning make us want to go there every time. However, the possibility of this happening is quite low, as the availability of casinos in every area is quite low and you cannot just leave your work and head to a casino at any time. For this reason, there is netticasino, where you can get a real-life casino experience without physically being there. 

What is netticasino?

Netticasino or online casinos have the same meaning. Broadly speaking, netticasino can be divided into 2 categories: web-based netticasino and download-only netticasino. However, this distinction is no longer relevant; thanks to technological advancements, netticasino can now take both form at a single time.



As the name suggests, web-based netticasino is a type where you can play casino games on a website without downloading external software or apps on your local computer or your smartphone. You just need a internet connection which is stable to play the games as all the graphics, sound, and other features are already on the webpage.


This type necessitates the installation of additional software or an application on your device to play games and place bets. The software that you download connects you to the service provider, and only handles contact so that you don’t require browser support.

Netticasino which are download based are generally faster than casinos which are web based since the graphics and program are already loaded and software makes cache for it, and in the case of web casinos, all of that browser loads them every time. However, downloading the software from the internet takes time. 


Live dealer

The reason that netticasino is preferred over anything else is because of the live dealer. It gives you a real-time casino experience. A live dealer gives the outcomes of games from a land-based casino instead of software generating the outcomes. Or the outcome comes from a mimic of a land-based casino instead of a real big land-based casino. The outcome can come from either one of them, but the fun remains the same because the games with software-based outcomes work on an algorithm, so the outcome follows a certain pattern and it has the possibility of being identified.


Many netticasino offer new players some sort of sign-up bonus on their deposits, and in between games as well. Many netticasinos have a house edge, so they design the wagering requirement in such a way that it ensures that no one can just take the bonus money and walk away. Casinos can choose to take away some games from meeting betting requirements, either to prevent players from playing games with low loosing rate or can restrict risk-free options for example restricting them to choose on both red and black, completing the betting requirement with a guaranteed profit after the deduction of bonus.

Types of bonus

There are a lot of varieties of bonuses offered by many netticasinos. They may vary from one host to another. Some of the most common bonuses are discussed below.

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus is not restricted to netticasinos, but many online games offer you a welcome bonus. The mechanism of Netticasino’s welcome bonus is that it gives you a bonus when you make your first deposit. It can be offered in the form of cashback as well. These welcome bonuses can also come in combos. For example, after making your first deposit, you will get your welcome bonus in the first 2 or 3 games.

They can also come in some specific games like if you try a new section of a game, they will give you a welcome bonus for that game. For example, welcome slot bonus, welcome cee low bonus, etc. 

Referral Bonus

This is the most common type of bonus for marketing. In this bonus, there are two types: the referee and the referee. The referee brings the referee into the game, and the referee has to complete some tasks. After completing all the tasks, the referee gets the bonus, and in some places, both the referee and the referee get the bonus. And this is not only restricted to netticasino but many companies use it for marketing.

Insurance or cashback bonus.

The bonus that is given to a player according to the percentage of the losses in the player’s all  the previous games is known as cashback or insurance bonus. You can also search for websites that give you cashback payments on one or more games played by you where you incur a loss. These types of insurance are paid by casino portals to the players by those casinos that have those special types of insurance offers. 


The No-deposit bonus is the most demanded bonus by the players. This type of bonus is claimed by the players like that and there is no additional requirement to deposit any money. This is a tool by the casinos to bring in new customers and more deposits. The no deposit bonus can be used only in the game and cannot take physical form (the term physical form means real cash). 

Non-cashable Bonus 

Sticky Bonuses or Phantom Bonuses are the same as non-cashable bonuses. This type of bonus can only be used in the portal or the specific game, and the bonus cannot be converted into real cash.

Comp points bonus

Comp point bonuses are commonly used in real physical casinos but nowadays they are popularly being used in netticasino as well. The amount (cash that is given per wage) often varies with the selection of games and  is usually very small. For example a casino might offer 4 comp point in a slot game who have a particular wager and with that same wager you need to play 4 games in roulette for 4 comp points. And a casino might give a single buck for 50 comp points (these numbers are hypothetical and gives just for the sake for explaination, the real number may vary from there numbers).

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