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There are tons of slot machines inspired by movies and TV shows. Check out some of the best ones here.

You have to play these slots inspired by TV shows and movies

It may seem like a cash grab, but slot machines and entertainment franchises go together like PB&J. Since video slots began dominating casino floors, these machines have pulled from popular TV shows and movies to create machines any fan would love. Movie franchises like Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park have thousands of slots based on them, while Game of Thrones has inspired both mobile and video slot developers.

If you’re looking for your next favorite slot game, why not try and find one based on your favorite movie or TV show? These are just some of the best movie-inspired online slots you can play from the comfort of your own home. 

Beetlejuice Megaways

Based on the iconic 1988 comedy, Beetlejuice Megaways has a unique style almost as crazy as the horror icon himself. The five reels in play can have up to six symbols in one turn. Once the top half of the reels are in play, this doubles to up to twelve symbols per a reel. That means there’s 60 tiles in play to help you maximize your odds of success.

It’s no surprise a Beetlejuice-inspired slot machine has some weird features like the film itself. Yet the craziest thing about Beetlejuice Megaways is the payouts don’t change regardless of how many symbols are in play. Whether you have 4 or 12 symbols per reel, you’ll still score the same if you manage to match three or more on a line. 

Man of Steel

These super slots can be just as much of a savior as Superman himself. While the machine starts out like any other slot machine, the wild symbols are what make this machine fit for the Justice League. 

If you score a wild Superman or Zod, the symbol will stay on the board and move reels, substituting each spin until it’s moved off the board. If you manage to score the two of them in the same row, just like their epic faceoff in the real movie, they’ll face off and give you some free spins in the process. It’s insane what games you can find on your search to discover the best online slots.

Game of Thrones Slot Casino

One of the many Game of Thrones slots on the market, this is easily the most popular as it comes in a mobile form! Developed by Zynga, Game of Thrones Slot Casino offers plenty of ways to enjoy the slots. Whether you’re looking to casually spin to win, or you want to team up with your friends and take your house to the top, this app has plenty of options.

The only downside of Game of Thrones Slot Casino is the lack of money options. Unlike most online slots, this app does not offer any options for real money, only in-game currency that cannot be cashed out. So while it’s still a great experience, you may want to turn to a different game if you’re looking to high roll.

Deal or No Deal

With just as much thrill as the original game show, Deal or No Deal is the perfect reality show to turn into video slots. These online slots may not have you betting on suitcases, but the design and the music for the slot game will have you feeling like you’re in the hot seat with Howie Mandel staring you down. 

Don’t worry though: scoring a wild on these slots will have you playing a proper game of Deal or No Deal. Scoring a wild also opens up two additional mini games, where you pick from three available suitcases or decide up to five times to accept or reject the banker’s offer. The main Deal or No Deal slots itself may feel underwhelming, but the wild mini-games surely make up for it.

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