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Slot games and digital casinos are probably not the first places you think of when it comes to your favorite movies. Let's see which 2022 movies are next.

2022 Movies That Are Likely to Become Casino Slots in the Near Future

Slot games and digital casinos are probably not the first places you think of when it comes to your favorite movies. But the online gambling business is a dynamic and evolving market that is meeting the needs of punters as they grow – so that regulars will always be engaged, and potential players will want to sign up. 

Currently, social media and the entertainment industry creates a sense of immediate gratification within people. After all, you can download a tv series or movie immediately as it’s released, online shopping has the option of same-day delivery – and online gambling is the same.

Software developers of casino games know that making slot games out of movies is the best way to merge gambling and entertainment in a way that will keep punters coming back for more. 

We will look at some of the more popular movies that have been turned into slot games, and we predict what 2022 releases are likely to become casino games..

Movies That Are Also Slot Games

Online casinos capitalizing on punters’ love of movies is not a new thing. Some slots that topped a variety of gaming categories include:

  1. Man of Steel – Playtech, a leader in gambling games, produced an original Superman story slot game that is about where he comes from. It took the title of Top Superhero Movie Slot – and fans of the DC character can see why. It is a new retelling of the original story of Superman and creating a new generation of people who adore Clarke Kent. The graphics are colorful and detailed, and the music is as immersive as you would expect from any DC comic adapted into a movie. The variety of features includes enticing bonuses and free games, and every time you play you could possibly trigger a chance to play a jackpot game.
  2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day -Terminator, when it was released in 1991, was the highest-grossing film of its time, and it is still doing great things today in the form of a slot game. It was recently voted the Best Movie Slot of 2022. The slot game revolves around a similar world to that of the movie – Sarah Connor and her son are being pursued by an incredibly advanced AI robot-T1000. There are movie clips interspersed throughout the game and the voices of the characters are also used, but the free spins and the 1,024 ways to win is what makes this game cream of the crop.
  3. Jurassic Park – a movie slot that bagged the prestigious Highest RTP or Return to Player title, the sequels have also continued to do incredibly well. Released in 1993, this action/sci-fi film was a huge hit. The game includes five rounds of a free spin feature and mysterious multipliers that can pop up at any time. Microgaming produced this slot game, and they have a reputation for creating larger-than-life gambling games that are a feast for the senses.
  4. Top Gun – An 80’s throwback with a feature that will make any punter’s heart melt, the Top Gun slot game received the title Excellent Wild Spin Options. There’s action, there’s romance, there’s a song that will take your breath away. The graphics are slick and contemporary, so don’t think you won’t be exposed to some cool features and animations, but it’s a trip down memory lane you won’t soon forget. 

Our Predictions

So, what new slot machine games based on the latest releases can we look forward to? If we look at the trends of the previously mentioned movies, we can confidently predict that a DC superhero will be in the mix, that is; The Batman. The buzz from film critics and fans alone means the movie will be incredibly well attended.

Top Gun: Maverick is currently shooting in South Africa, and megastar Tom Cruise doesn’t look like he’s planning on slowing down when it comes to franchises. The release date is around May 2022. One can only hope that Mr Cruise will concede to Playtech utilizing his voice and image for the slot game sequel. 

Finally, Jurassic Park: Dominion is coming mid-2022, and it looks like it’s going to fill its predecessor’s T-Rex size feet. The characters are also incredibly popular, so it makes it the perfect movie to turn into a new slot game.

2022 is the year of offerings from Marvel and DC comics, with the interest in them only increasing as the months pass by, so casino developers would be wise to take this into consideration when planning the next round of slot games. 

It looks like movie buffs and punters have a lot to look forward to in 2022!

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