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Most Popular Xbox Games Of all time [Top 5 List] [Latest]

List Of Top 5 Most Popular Xbox Games [Award Winning]

Microsoft’s entry into the console wars on November 15, 2001, with the launch of Xbox in North America and subsequent launches in Japan, Europe, and Australia, caused a significant shift in the industry.

Success was never assured, even for one of the wealthiest corporations in the world, but in the last two decades, groundbreaking inventions and iconic franchises have solidified the company’s position at the forefront of the gaming industry.

The original Xbox’s foresight in incorporating broadband and a hard drive helped pave the way for online gaming as we know it today, and the Xbox 360 is widely regarded as one of the most successful and longest-running console generations ever released.

Yet, there were also failures Xbox One is still trying to recover from its terrible launch plan, and the platform holder would probably prefer not to think about Kinect ever happening. Nonetheless, it has matured as a result of its experiences, becoming a more formidable competitor as a result of its Game Pass service and its portfolio expansion via significant acquisitions such as Mojang and Bethesda.

In honor of Xbox’s 20th anniversary, we thought it would be fun to rank the 20 titles with the most impact on the console. These are the cream of the crop. And whether you agree or disagree, you can’t deny that they all shed light on some of the most memorable exclusives and landmark moments in the platform’s development.

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1: Video game: Ninja Gaiden (Xbox, 2004)

While the Japanese studio Team Ninja’s Dark Souls is generally lauded as one of the most challenging games of all time, the original Xbox exclusive Ninja Gaiden, a 3D recreation of the iconic 8-bit action side-scroller, might also make this claim. Ninja Gaiden Black was an outstanding illustration of how the Xbox backward compatibility technology could bring back early Xbox titles appearing almost as good as recent releases, despite being extremely violent and harsh for its time.

2: Ori and the Will-O’-the-Wisps, Book 19 (Xbox One, 2020)

Play Metroidvanias have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the Ori series is widely regarded as among the genre’s most aesthetically satisfying entries. The game will test your gaming skills and your emotional limits. Yet while it’s rendering on Series X at an eye-watering 6K, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is also one of the best instances of next-gen, doing what every great sequel should do and improving and expanding on its systems, including new combat.

3: On the 18th spot, we have “Jet Set Radio Future,” a 2002 Xbox game

Microsoft’s entry into the console wars coincided with Sega’s exit; however, some have argued that the Xbox is a spiritual successor to the Dreamcast. The Japanese company also developed some exclusives for the Xbox, including a sequel to a game widely regarded as having some of the most striking visuals and musical compositions ever created. The fact that Jet Set Radio Future is the only game on this list that can’t be played on a current platform just adds to its cult reputation. (Would anybody mind fixing that?)

4: In the Lost Odyssey, we have the 17th (Xbox 360, 2007)


Mistwalker was one of Microsoft’s major bets on Japanese studios; it was co-founded by Final Fantasy’s Hironobu Sakaguchi, and its crowning achievement was the game Lost Odyssey. While on the one hand, it is a very traditional turn-based role-playing game, its exploration of themes of immortality results in one of the best stories ever told in the genre, with emotionally rich writing, incredible voice acting, and arguably the most likable (or least annoying) child characters ever.

5: Super Meat Boy, Number 16 (Xbox 360, 2010)

In the Play Xbox Live Arcade era of the 360, independent game developers flourished, allowing more people with lots of ideas to make games and sell them for a few dollars. There are plenty of examples, but “Super Meat Boy” stands out as the pinnacle of hard-core gameplay since its protagonist must overcome outrageously difficult level after level by platforming perfectly or perishing. It just goes to show that gamers still enjoy a good challenge.


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