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Luxury chess – a great souvenir

Chess is not only one of the oldest games that have remained popular today, but also a great VIP gift option for connoisseurs and collectors. Indeed, to give souvenir chess means to compliment the refined taste and high level of education of a person. And the exceptional exclusivity of the souvenir set will emphasize respect for the person.

Custom chess set is designed not only for a full-fledged game, but they can also act as a skillful interior decoration. Exclusive chess boards are placed in living rooms – and it is worth saying that they look very appropriate. Of course, a standard set of chess from the store will also cope with this function – but a distinctive appearance will be the key element. In addition, it is not entirely inappropriate to give such chess, because a fan of the game probably already has a standard board with pieces (maybe even more than one).

The pieces of chess sets are not a decorative element, but they can be independent details that will complement the interior and give it a new look. Especially important is the appearance and theme of the pieces.

Variety of materials

Handmade chess is made of various materials and executed in the most unusual styles. The basis for chess pieces can serve as:

  • Wood
  • Amber
  • Onyx
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Ivory

The board can also be made of rare species of wood, which allows to make a folding board or a storage for pieces inside of it. You can also find boards made of marble, glass and even metal, in which case the figures may have special magnets at the bottom.

Such custom chess sets often look like works of art – all thanks to the fine work of artisans. Detail by detail, figure by figure, an unusual appearance is created with an amazing variety of elements.

Collecting chess

Many players, as well as antique lovers, are fond of collecting chess. This is a very interesting activity. Usually the collectibles are chess pieces made by hand or specially made to order. Such chess sets differ from serial sets by the unusual execution of the pieces. They can be carved in the shape of warriors, people of various professions, animals, and so on. Also collectibles are chess sets made of expensive materials, including precious metals and even gems. As for cheap plastic chess, only pocket boards are popular. The cost of individual sets of exclusive chess can reach the price of a good car. Not only the appearance and material are appreciated, but also the history of the set – to whom it belonged, who made it, what it is timed to, and so on.

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