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From poker to Sic Bo, get ready to win when you try your hand at a live casino at UWIN33 Singapore. You never know when you might hit big!

Live Casino Games Available at UWIN33 SINGAPORE:

UWIN33 is one of the top online casinos in Asia, especially in Singapore. Players can find the latest technology for live 2022 online casino games on this site. More than 200 online live casino games can be found here with the most amazing gaming experience ever! Let us find out about a few such casino games which are available at UWIN33 Singapore.

casino uwin33 singapore

• Online Roulette:

Roulette may look tough to play at first glance but in reality, it is much simple. In each version of roulette, players need to pick one or more bets they want to make. For this, they have to tap on the part of the board which represents the chosen bet. In a standard online roulette, you get infinite time to place your bets. However, in live dealer roulette, people will need to place their bets within a certain amount of time.

After you have finished placing the bets, it will be time to spin the wheel. Again you will need to press the relevant button to make the wheel spinning or you can wait for the live dealer to do it. You will see a ball spinning around that wheel and finally it will land on one of the numbers there. If the number matches your bet, you will get cash reward. You can find this game in UWIN33 online casino in Singapore 2022.

casino uwin33 singapore

• Dragon Tiger:

This is one of the most popular casino games because of its simplicity and speed. In the game, at first, two cards are dealt. One to the betting position of the Tiger and another to the betting position of the Dragon on the table. The position which gets the higher card becomes the winner.

Players can place their bets on the Dragon, the Tiger or the Tie. In Tie, both the positions are dealt cards of same value and players loose 50% of their wager on any of the position. The ace card is of the lowest value and the other cards follow their normal values with the king card being the highest. Players can also place numerous side bets in this game which are not connected to the main bets.

casino uwin33 singapore

• Poker:

This game is an essential for any online live casino Singapore. At UWIN33, players can get the best poker experience by playing it against other players. It is more difficult than most casino games because it requires a strong strategy.

The game can be played in various ways and there are many popular types of poker games available in the market. Some of the most scintillating games include Pot Limit Omaha, Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha Hi-Low, Hold’em ++, Crazy Pineapple and so on.

casino uwin33 singapore

• Online Baccarat:

Baccarat is a very old game which is popular among players even today. In the online version of the game, you require nothing more than placing a wager and press the deal button. You will not need to make any playing decisions anytime in the game because all of those are taken care of with an action grid.

The emphasis of the game rests on the betting strategies of players. A set of rules dictate each card’s turn on the table, where all the cards are laid out for others to see. The face cards have a value of either zero or ten. The other cards are counted at their face values.

So, at first players place their bets in the game. There are three options for betting; they can be placed on the banker spot, player spot or/and on tie spot. The dealer deals two cards for both the banker’s and player’s side. Next cards are dealt based on the result of the previously dealt four cards. The goal is to get closest to a total of 9. If anyone from either side gets 8 or 9 in the first two cards, they become a natural winner. If both the players get the same numbers, it becomes a tie.

casino uwin33 singapore

• Online Blackjack:

Blackjack is a classic casino game and very popular among players. The first rule that you should know while playing blackjack is you need to get the sum of all your cards to 21. At the starting of the game, you will be provided with two cards. One’s face will be placed upside and another’s downside.

No one of your fellow players are allowed to look at your downside card. Only you can check. Similarly, you also cannot look at the other players’ upside down cards. Players will want to add up the total amount with the cards while they are added together. The three face cards; king, queen and jack all have the numerical value of 10 here.

The ace card can have two values; one is 11 and another is 1. It fully depends upon the other card or cards that you have in your hand. You will be provided the chance to stay, fold or hit when it is your turn in a round. You will be given another card upon choosing hit. You can choose this option when you have cards that add up to 21 or you until you bust (If anyone by chance adds up to more than 21 with their cards, it is known as bust).

casino uwin33 singapore

As the rule is to add up to 21 or closer to it than hands of the fellow players in the game, you will be eliminated from the round if you accidentally bust. You will thus lose the game. Other than online blackjack, you can also find more than 2000 slots games Singapore at UWIN33. These slots games are more simple and easier to play compare to live casino games.

casino uwin33 singapore

• Sic Bo:

This is another simple game which is played with a dice and based on chances. You will find two dealers in each game table who monitor the bets placed, exchange chips among themselves and perform other necessary tasks. The table comprises of different dice combinations on which players can wager.

Each bet is illustrated with the related odds of pay-out. Three dices are rolled with an electronic dice shaker and bets are placed on the result of each roll. There’s also a digital board which shows the outcomes of the rounds. Players can make a few categories of main bets named astwo number combination bets, single number bets, three number total bets, triple bets, big bets etc.

We hope you will enjoy all these games equally at UWIN33. Also check out the other varieties of games if you are really into gambling!

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