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If you've watched KBC Lottery, you know the dream of entering and getting that phone call. Here are all the steps to enter and win, plus how to avoid scams.

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Do you love to watch “KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati?” Every fan of KBC has the same dream: to get the chance to be the KBC lottery winner. If you also want to get the opportunity to take part in KBC, you are welcome! In this article, find all the information about KBC lottery winning tips. You will know here how to take part and how to check the kbc lottery winner online. Follow all the tips and do all the things you need. Before doing anything, you have to collect some things and then continue with the article.

Step-1: Must have an Indian SIM card:

The step is the first and most important. You have to collect or buy a Indian sim to participate in the KBC lucky draw. You will have the chance to win if you use the SIM card regularly and keep your balance on your phone all the time. The fact is also clear that you can’t win KBC lucky draw if you don’t live in India or have an Indian SIM card. Again the SIM should be inside your active phone because the KCB doesn’t consider non-activated phone numbers.

Step-2: Keep on your mind when the draw holds:

Though many people want to win the KBC lucky draw, they hardly know what the announcement holds. To make your problem easier, here is the details of the KBC lucky draw holding date. There is no specific date of a month. The announcement comes in every month and on the last day of this. So, if you are eagerly waiting for a lucky draw, it is better to be alert on every last day of a month. You can get messages or calls from the KBC Company. But the best way to get all the information is to check up on their website regularly. You also can go to “kbc lottery number check.”

Step-3: The result

Now it’s time to know about the result time. The KBC lottery’s announcement always comes on the fit or second day of every month. Is it hard to get the point? After completing the lottery on the last day of a month, the company announces the winners’ names on the next day.  That means in another month, which is the first day of it. After winning the KBC lottery, you also may have any messages and calls from them. Don’t forget to keep all updates and new requirements of the KBC Company from their official website.  

Step-4: Stay away from frauds:

As the KBC can give the best lottery-winning opportunity to the Indian people, it is very typical to spread scam and fraud messengers addressing the show name. But don’t fall for any scammer. If anyone asks for your personal information instead of giving you the prize money, that means he is a fraud who only wants to robber your sensitive information. In this kind of situation, drop the call and call your near police station and provide them the number to take necessary steps against the person.


Everyone will want to be the winner of the KBC lucky draw. But there are also some facts that they should consider before thinking of it. Being impatient or taking any wrong step won’t make you a KBC winner with the blinking of an eye. If any person says they can make you a KBC winner if you give them money, it is false. KBC doesn’t promote that kind of activity at all.  If they find any person doing scamming or trying to win incorrectly, there is a lot of chance to sue them.  

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