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Important Steps to Follow in Hiring a Casino Party Company For Your Next Casino Fundraiser

Planning a casino fundraiser involves several key steps and potential pitfalls; here are seven to remember.

After years in the casino party and planning industry, I have heard from customers some harrowing accounts of what occurred at their casino fundraisers. Here are seven steps to have a successful fundraiser with an outstanding casino party company!

Step One: Form an Executive Planning Committee

At this crucial stage in your planning, assigning specific tasks for your event can be the difference between success and failure, such as complying with laws and obtaining licenses; finding a location and catering services for it; getting sponsors to assist with costs; getting gifts donated; finding the ideal casino company; and managing money. One person alone cannot work on all the items listed above; to succeed, each task must be assigned to someone separately, who should report back periodically. Allow at least 4-6 months before your event date for everyone involved in handling these tasks successfully.

Step 2. Legal Considerations and Achieve

Township Permission. Always remember that gambling is illegal, and offering casino games at your fundraiser constitutes gambling – this distinction should be understood since holding casino-style fundraisers is unlike having car washes to raise funds. Due to gambling being illegal in most states, state authorities are charged with stopping illicit betting activities; your casino fundraiser would fall within an exception to state gambling laws such as New Jersey’s. ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control)is responsible for finding and preventing illegal gambling, but their handbook doesn’t explicitly name illegal or exception-related gambling; instead, it simply mentions “gambling,” prompting one of their investigators to attempt to stop casino fundraisers under the false pretext that it constitutes illegal gambling. Due to my second point, the situation was solved before the event date. Although your casino fundraiser includes gambling – something which is unlawful – state statute has made an exception for you and granted exemption from their laws regarding gambling. New Jersey state legislature passed legislation legalizing casino gambling. It established the Casino Control Commission as the regulatory body to oversee it, while another statute legalizing casino fundraising enabled legalized Games of Chance Control Commission to manage these fundraisers. The takeaway from all this should be that to make your casino fundraiser legal; you must understand the law and acquire the necessary licenses and township permission for its holding. Just because your organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and used to hosting car washes to raise funds doesn’t mean having a casino fundraiser should happen automatically. Therefore, before embarking on any such fundraiser, please contact the Attorney General’s Office in your state to learn any applicable laws pertaining to casino fundraisers in that location.

Step 3. Finding an Appropriate Casino Company.

Your state licensing requirements may require that your chosen casino company also hold a valid license to operate legally in your jurisdiction. New Jersey law can be complex, and when nonprofit organizations call casino party companies for events, they do not fully understand all the rules involved; the event could be terminated and fines issued. Each state varies, and in New Jersey, all casino companies and dealers must obtain a casino fundraiser license. Therefore, the key here is to determine your state-specific requirements by calling them directly, then calling casino companies for more information regarding what conditions must be fulfilled to hold a casino fundraiser event. An excellent casino party company should ask if you have your license and send the forms necessary to obtain one, then guide you through every aspect of receiving it and getting township permission. Without assistance or explaining rules correctly, potential disaster could ensue!

Step 4. Who Is Hosting My Event?

Understand that casino party companies specialize locally and nationwide; local companies are better because they are aware of any local laws that might differ from when dealing with national companies. Even more unfortunate is that national companies will not be available for your event. Call local companies, obtain quotes from them, and then add hundreds to the bill just because of answering the phone call – not realizing that this local company would provide services at your event for less. As you examine each company’s website, you may come across those featuring photographs of movie stars or people having fun in casinos on their home pages. Ignore such materials meant to attract customers; they do not matter. When seeking price quotes from casino party companies, you will receive three or four that fall into a similar price range and one or two that stand out much higher than others. For example, let’s say you were provided quotes of $1000, $1100, $1200, and $2000, respectively. There is no sense in having three sections that were similar in price and one much higher; that’s because one quote came from a national company that will not fulfill your event – they will call in another local firm who offered you a lower section and add on extra costs later.

Step 5. Casino Tables.

Generally, 70 percent of your guests should be able to participate in playing the casino tables at your event, though you may wish to modify this number; I advise not lowering it below 50% without consulting with a casino company first. Your casino company should also constantly communicate with you during the week leading up to your event to revise the tables as needed. For example, suppose your event was initially planned for 300 guests, but in its final week, only 200 are attending. In that case, a reputable casino company will suggest cutting back on table counts to accommodate. Poor casino party companies will encourage you to choose their original suggestion because it will generate more income.

On the contrary, the BEST casino party companies would instead you had the appropriate number of tables without going too far one way or the other, prioritizing fundraising over making a profit. Let’s address the casino tables used at your event. As a licensed dealer, the best casino companies use equipment without folding metal legs and skirting beneath their table to hide these components. Ask yourself why real casinos do not utilize metal folding legs on their tables for playing craps and roulette games since the tables can accommodate up to 14 people, all leaning and shifting weight on them simultaneously. That may be why metal folding legs should never be included on a table, as you risk its collapse, and you should never deal craps or roulette on one that features them. Remember, the casino party company you hire must put into writing that they will be managing your event themselves without subcontracting to another provider. As part of your request to hire a casino company for an event, it is also essential to request photographs of the actual tables they will use at the event. Although it would be ideal if they could show the tables on their website, I find it strange when casino companies don’t offer images of these tables there, as this is essential when booking one for my event. Don’t accept companies who only provide photos showing the tops of tables with people having fun as these don’t show the legs, which I consider the most essential aspect.

Step 6. Cost from Casino Company and Suggestions.

Your casino party company should offer suggestions regarding which tables will best fit your event’s requirements and the number required for maximum fun! Casino companies will typically adhere to a general rule where at least 70 percent of your guests should be able to play BETFLIK. However, they should remain in contact with you leading up to your event and be flexible enough to add or reduce tables based on what works for you and make money as a byproduct of their services. If needed, an outstanding casino company can advise you on how to reduce the number of tables initially suggested based on guest count, helping your event run more efficiently while still making a profit. Casino companies will urge their patrons to remain loyal to the original plan because this will allow them to make more money from it. Too few tables will prevent guests from participating, meaning less money will be donated to your charity event. At the same time, too many tables could mean unneeded expenditure and thus lose out financially for said charity. Remember this important detail when hiring casino party companies that do fundraising: don’t hire any that take a percentage of your profits, as that money belongs to you! Instead, treat casino party companies just like caterers or DJs — pay them a flat fee and leave no extra for themselves.

Step 7. Who Will Handle the Money?

A fundamental rule in casino fundraisers is never to allow a casino company to touch any money, as doing so could invite temptation or accusations of misconduct from staff members. An excellent casino company will advise setting up a “bank,” which only your representatives touch. They may offer chip specials if guests donate more. However, these actions should only occur with one of your representatives standing nearby each table at any given time.

Step 8. Marketing and Promotion

Success for any casino party event relies heavily on effective marketing and promotion. Establish a marketing plan which includes social media promotion, email newsletters, flyers, and posters as part of its campaign plan. Reach out to local media outlets to receive event coverage; consider teaming up with other community organizations to cross-promote it and expand your reach.

Step 9. Entertainment and Activities

Even though casino gaming may be the main event, providing additional entertainment and activities can add a special touch. Consider providing live music, DJ entertainment, or dance floor activities to keep guests engaged throughout the evening. Raffles, silent auctions, or door prizes may add excitement while encouraging further donations.

Step 10. Adequate Gambling Measures

Even when hosting an event for charity, it’s vitally important to promote responsible gambling practices. Post information regarding responsible gaming practices and provide resources for those needing assistance. Set betting limits so guests don’t get carried away, and maintain an enjoyable and safe atmosphere at casino games.

Step 11. Volunteers and Staff

Establish a team of dedicated volunteers to assist with various tasks throughout your event, such as registration, managing the bank, helping guests at gaming tables, and overseeing entertainment. A well-trained and enthusiastic team will ensure smooth operations and satisfy guests.

Step 12. Add Decoration and Ambiance

Create an inviting casino-esque environment by paying close attention to decor elements like themed tablecloths, banners, and lighting that add a bit of shine. Setting the ideal ambiance will enhance the overall experience and help make your fundraiser genuinely unforgettable.

Step 13 – Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Solicit sponsorships from local businesses and corporations to offset some of your event costs and give them visibility during your event. Partnerships may also be formed with companies willing to donate items for auction or raffle prizes

Step 14. Follow-Up and Thank You

Follow up after an event to express your thanks to attendees, sponsors, and volunteers – send thank-you notes or emails as a gesture of appreciation and keep donors and partners involved – engaging them will strengthen relationships further. It may result in ongoing support in the future.

Step 15. Assessing Success.

Spend some time reviewing the success of your casino fundraiser. Review funds raised, costs associated with hosting the event, guest experience, and feedback received from attendees to identify areas for improvement for future events.

Avoiding Pitfalls with Communication and Clarity

One of the critical hurdles you must avoid when working with casino party companies is miscommunication or lack of clarity between your organization and them. Be sure to explicitly state all expectations and requirements upfront to prevent future misunderstandings.

Avoiding Pitfalls of Permits and Legal Compliance

Ensure that all necessary permits and licenses are obtained well before any event or activity; failing to abide by legal requirements could have severe repercussions for both your organization and the event.

Avoiding Pitfalls by Budgeting Wisely

Budgeting is vital to hosting an influential casino fundraiser. Make sure not to overspend on unnecessary items for your cause and prioritize expenses to maximize funds raised for it.

Avoid Pitfalls of Overcomplicating Games

At an event venue, offering an assortment of casino games is essential; however, it should never become overcomplicated or difficult for your guests. Stick with popular and simple-to-understand titles to ensure they have an enjoyable time at your event.

Avoiding Pitfalls – Not Building a Strong Team

Relying solely on one or two individuals to organize an event can be daunting and lead to burnout, so build a collaborative team with diverse talents and allocate responsibilities accordingly.

Avoid Avoidable Pitfalls by Neglecting Responsible Drinking Policies

If alcohol will be served at your event, establish and adhere to a responsible drinking policy and ensure guest safety. Overindulgence could create issues during the event and harm fundraising efforts.

Avoiding Pitfalls – Ignoring Feedback

Feedback from attendees, sponsors, and volunteers can provide invaluable insight for future improvement of casino fundraisers. Don’t overlook constructive criticism as an opportunity; use it instead to make your next casino fundraiser even better!

Avoid Pitfalls of Promotion in Unfavorable Environment

Under-promotion of your casino fundraiser may result in reduced attendance and compromise its success. Make an effort to market and spread the word about your event for maximum turnout.

Avoid Potential Pitfalls of Limited Entertainment Variety

Failing to offer an exciting variety of entertainment and activities may quickly cause guests to become disinterested. Mix games, music, and other engaging elements to keep the energy high.

Avoiding Pitfalls – Last-Minute Planning

Procrastinating during the planning process can lead to hasty decisions and oversights, so start early and allow yourself enough time for adequate preparations

Avoiding Pitfalls – Not Expressing Gratitude

Failing to thank donors, sponsors, and volunteers promptly can leave a wrong impression. Show your gratitude promptly and genuinely to build strong relationships with those who support your cause.

Avoid Potential Pitfalls Without Adequate Backup Plans

Be prepared for unexpected events by having backup plans ready. Weather, technical issues, or any other unanticipated obstacles that require consideration may arise, so having contingency plans is necessary for safety.

Avoiding Pitfalls by Ignoring Evaluation

Staying true to the experience gained during a fundraiser event requires ongoing evaluation and growth for future fundraisers. Assess its outcomes, successes, and areas for improvement – take this time to learn from past efforts while expanding on them for future fundraising events!

Avoid Potential Pitfalls of Casino Gaming Systems (Over-Rely on Casino Games)

Casino games may be your primary fundraising attraction, but diversify your fundraising activities by including other activities or revenue streams to diversify them and maximize returns.

Avoiding Pitfalls by Looking Beyond Their Cause

Within the excitement of an event, it is imperative to remind guests of why they are there and the positive effect their contributions will have on the community.

By following these 20 additional steps and avoiding potential pitfalls, you can create an unforgettable and successful casino fundraiser event that raises funds for your cause and makes an impressionable impression upon attendees. With careful planning, collaboration, and attention to detail, your event could become an annual highlight for your organization and community.


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