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How To Give Your Casino Wins Faster? 7 Great Tricks

When you hit a big win at an online casino, your first question is usually how long it will take to see that money in your account. While the thrill of winning is immediate, the process of cashing out can sometimes be slow and even frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you play on a reputed platform, it’s enough to know a few smart strategies to speed up the process and enjoy your winnings sooner.

#1 Choose the Right Payout Method

Different payout methods come with different processing times. Generally, cryptocurrency withdrawals are the fastest. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies often process in minutes to a few hours. On the other hand, traditional bank transfers and checks can take several days or even weeks (that’s the worst-case scenario, of course!).

It’s like this because crypto transactions don’t go through traditional banking systems. This naturally results in fewer intermediaries and faster processing times. For those who don’t have crypto, many BTC casinos like Stake have the option of buying it directly on their site. So before you start playing, always check which payout methods the casino offers and choose one that aligns with your need for speed.

#2 Use the Same Method for Deposits and Withdrawals

Most gambling sites require you to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. This policy is primarily for security and anti-fraud reasons. Its core purpose is to ensure that the money goes back to the rightful owner.

Using the same method also simplifies the verification process and can reduce the time spent on confirming your identity and account details. A smart trick here is that you always consider the speed of withdrawal associated with your deposit method. For example, the credit card deposit is always instant. But, you should also check the credit card withdrawal because deposit and payout times often differ.

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#3 Adhere to Casino Rules

It’s also super important to always follow the casino’s rules. Violations, such as using multiple accounts or providing false information, can lead to complications or outright denial of your withdrawal request. 

Remember that all good casinos have strict regulations to prevent fraud and ensure fair play. Breaking these rules gives them a legitimate reason to hold or cancel your winnings. That’s fair, isn’t it?

#4 Complete KYC Verification in Advance

As you know, many online casinos require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before processing withdrawals. This involves submitting identification documents such as

  • a passport,
  • utility bill,
  • or bank statement to verify your identity.

Try to complete KYC verification in advance. This will streamline the withdrawal process since the casino won’t need to wait for your documents when you request a payout. The best strategy is to complete it immediately after signing up.

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#5 Be Aware of Payout Limits

Most gambling platforms have daily, weekly, or monthly payout limits. You should study these to plan your withdrawal requests more effectively. A common mistake, in this regard, is that players disregard these limits, request amounts that exceed the limit, and face delays.

If you have a large jackpotinside com win, plan your withdrawals to fit within the limits. Most likely, you’ll have to spread out requests over several days or weeks.

#6 Join Loyalty or VIP Programs

Many online casinos offer loyalty programs or VIP memberships that come with the perk of faster payouts. These programs reward frequent players with reduced withdrawal times (often with same-day payouts).

If you plan on playing regularly, look into the casino’s loyalty or VIP programs. You could join them to benefit from quicker payouts if that doesn’t require much on your part. 

#7 Stay Informed and Communicate

Of course, it’s best to keep yourself informed about the casino’s withdrawal process and any updates to their policies. Plus, it can be helpful to maintain good communication with the casino’s customer support as they can help address any issues promptly.

How to be proactive and well-informed? The simplest way is to check your email regularly for any communication from the casino. Plus, never hesitate to reach out to customer service if you encounter any delays or issues.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s really possible to withdraw your funds quicker in most cases. Of course, it only works if you play on reputable platforms. The minimum to stick with is reading the rules, completing all KIY procedures on time, and picking the withdrawal methods with the shortest processing time.

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