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Hollywood Celebs Who Love Casinos

Due to the vast popularity of online and land-based casinos, there’s no doubt it catches several celebrities’ gambling.

Many celebrities and gamblers love playing casinos, especially today since they can already play online in LeoVegas Ontario.

Most of these celebrities that won big prizes will donate half of their winnings to their chosen charity. Of course, if you become a celebrity, money is not an issue; it is why stars have charities to balance their money and help people in need.

Isn’t it great? Indeed the best qualities of celebrities. Playing, winning, then helping is a perfect mix of becoming a good human being.

It feels amazing to have a charity to support while gambling; it also adds confidence and fate to gamble when you do it for a cause.

Even though we look up to celebrities as glamorous and high-end lifestyles, many of us don’t know that they also do helping hands.

Gambling for these people is also their way to relax and have fun after a long day of exhausting work. Their job is not easy, so they engage in gambling to let go of all their exhaustion.

Are you ready to know these Hollywood celebs who love casinos? Well, that’s why provide you the Hollywood celebs you idolized in the movie who do gambling.

celebs who love casinos

Leonardo DiCaprio

If you are watching the Audition, Leonardo DiCaprio is the leading actor that is great at playing poker, and he also does not play gambling games in real life but loves it.

DiCaprio plays high-stakes poker; he can apply his expertise to the game. He usually plays in Las Vegas casino venues and other venues with high standard qualities.

Gambling is said to be his favorite pastime activity. While some people view gambling as bad for him because it is addicting, for Leonardo, it is his way of relieving stress.

Moreover, he doesn’t play like a normal player; hence he plays to test his skills and his level of taking a risk.

celebs who love casinos

Jamie Foxx

Next, Hollywood celebrities that love to bet on every sports game and the presidential election result, Jamie Foxx is no stranger in this case. Gambling habits might seem harmless to some, but for Jamie Foxx, it causes him serious financial difficulties.

One of the reasons why he seriously has financial difficulties is when he places $ 5 million bets on the 2010 Miami Heat during their NBA championship. He was also forced to pay off a $ 1 million gambling bet when he lost his chance in the 2016 presidential election.

Despite his setbacks, he continues to gamble regularly. Leads Foxx to build his gambling room at his house, where he invites her friends and family to gamble.

celebs who love casinos

Matt Damon

When discussing celebrities with exceptional skills in playing poker and blackjack, you may need to include Matt Damon.

For him to have a role in the movies, Damon first becomes a student of Johnny Chan. Thanks to his buddy he became a professional poker player and became the best player worldwide.

He also participates in a huge tournament and wins big prizes, which he keeps some for himself and gives some to the poor. Moreover, Matt Damon loves to play casino games with huge payouts; once he finds one, he will stick to that game.

celebs who love casinos

Paris Hilton

Unsurprisingly, you will encounter Paris Hilton in Las Vegas because she loves to gamble. Paris also plays online casino games, which she finds interesting too.

Moreover, when she’s in Vegas, she gambles regularly properly so she can still track her budget. Good for her because she knows her limitations.

celebs who love casinos

Brad Pitt

We all know that Brad Pitt has often played the gambler role. One of their popular movie in which he’s good at gambling is the Ocean’s 11.

As he prepares for the movie, Pitt practices how to gamble, and he discovers that he has a skill for it. He loves playing poker, blackjack, and online slots games. Moreover, it said that he finds it exciting and does it regularly.


Indeed, these celebrities are not only talented in working their roles in the movie but also good in the casino.

These celebrities increase their fortunes by gambling not only to increase their money but also to increase the number of people that they help.

Becoming a professional gambler isn’t easy, and you must have the interest and skill to become one. These celebrities love casinos because it makes them excited when playing.

Like any other players, they also study the game and do regular gambling before successfully applying their game tactics.

However, these celebrities have the capacity to gamble big time; as a regular gambler, you should have a gambling budget to avoid financial problems in the future.

Lastly, casino activity is fun, but you should consider the possibilities that it will cause you a lot once you dont know how to manage your game – be a responsible player.

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