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Hollywood Actors Who are Fond of Casino Poker

Hollywood is full of famous movie stars and actors and many of these have a love for casino gaming. You will find that a few leading celebs have spent much time mastering their skills of poker. These players can be found engaging in online and land-based titles as well as top-paying tournaments. 

Celebrities play for huge payouts, often betting high stakes when they are gambling. This not only applies to their play at the poker tables, but many of these stars also enjoy placing high bets on slot game machines or other table options like blackjack in casinos.

Hollywood stars play regularly, though some have battle gambling addictions due to their love of this game and the thrills of winning. Check out some of the movie stars and Hollywood celebrities that are fond of poker, often found at casinos in Atlantic City and Vegas. They also enjoy taking a few high-limit spins on slot machines!

hollywood actors poker

Jennifer Tilly

This well-known actress and celebrity has been nominated for an Oscar and is one of the great stars to take a seat at poker tables. She has appeared in commercials for poker platforms such as Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. 

While focusing on an acting career in Hollywood, Tilly continues to master her skills. She was one of the first celebs to win a World Series tournament when she captured her first WSOP bracelet in 2005, playing in a Ladies’ No-Limit Texas Hold’em event. 

She has also been a top winner at the Bellagio Cup, winning over $3 million. Today, Tilly and her long-time boyfriend Phil Laak rule tables and are a dynamic duo. They train together and Tilly has stated that her love for gambling is much stronger than her love for acting.

hollywood actors poker

Sam Simon

Simon is best known for being the co-developer of The Simpsons and he has been an active and successful poker player for years Simon often donates large portions of his poker winnings to charity organizations. 

He was the celebrity winner of the World Series of Poker No-Limit Texas Hold’em event in 2007 and was the first to be a multi-millionaire winner that held a championship title. To make matters interesting, Simon was married to Tilly from 1984 to 1991, both sharing a passion for this exciting casino game.

hollywood actors poker

Tobey Maguire

A successful producer and actor, Maguire is known for playing the role of Spider-Man but is also a professional player. This Hollywood star became interested in slot and card games at a young age and has been playing in major events around the world since 2004. 

Winning various titles including the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Maguire now enjoys playing poker using an assistant shuffling device. Maguire is considered to be one of the most talented celebrities to take a seat in casinos. 

He is also the highest-grossing gambler among Hollywood movie stars. Maguire is known to take part in underground high-stakes events where he plays with fellow stars, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

hollywood actors poker

Maguire also enjoys betting online in his free time and takes advantage of some great casino ohne einzahlung poker bonuses that can be found at leading sites. With online tournaments available, Maguire always has ways to practice skills and pick up strategic tips to use when at championship events. He is also no stranger to taking a few spins on a top-paying slot.

hollywood actors poker

Matt Damon

Many Hollywood stars play this game online and Matt Damon is not a stranger to online platforms. He is one of the great movie stars to have won millions betting on games online and has been enjoying the game since he was a student at Harvard. 

His first appearance was in 1998 when he played in the WSOP against Doyle Brunson. Damon was eliminated from the competition. He continues to enjoy entering tournaments at major casinos worldwide. 

Damon has developed gambling skills and knowledge by stuffing under Danial Negreanu, a 6-time WSOP winner. He also plays online poker and has played at some trusted sites like online casinos echtgeld in Austria. With online tournaments being popular, Damon has participated in multiple events and has been quite successful online.

hollywood actors poker

This Hollywood award-winning actor starred in Rounders, a movie about poker. To get the experience he needed to successfully play the role, he spent $25,000 in a poker tournament. Damon admits that the movie was a huge inspiration and since it was released, he has entered many tournaments and continues to develop a unique style of gambling.

hollywood actors poker

Ben Affleck

If you have an interest in what Hollywood stars play casino games, Ben Affleck will always come up. This celeb is one of the more famous players in Hollywood and has played against many professional players. For over 10 years, Affleck has been entering cash poker tournaments and has been seen at the WSOP multiple times. 

Affleck often pays visits to Atlantic City casinos as well as Foxwoods in Connecticut, where he can also be seen playing slots and video poker machines. Affleck is also a fan of slot games as well as other casino table options like blackjack and admits he has a deep love for gambling.

Affleck does not just engage in poker thrills at casinos. He lives to play against co-stars as well as producers and often hosts poker nights in private villages. The buy-in at these cash games is as high as $100,000!

hollywood actors poker


Many other Hollywood stars play poker and have won thousands in main events. From actresses to celebrity game show hosts, there is a huge list of celebs that love taking a risk when betting at casinos. 

Whether they spin on a slot game in casinos or are laying down chips at leading events, Hollywood stars, film producers, screenwriters, and even young movie stars can be found hitting the poker tables in their spare time.

Some well-known movie stars and celebs with a love for gambling include James Woods, Jason Alexander, Michael Greco, Shannon Elizabeth, and Aaron Paul. Online selections and live tournaments continue to attract movie stars and leading celebs from Hollywood who like to spin on a slot, bet at tables, or engage in tournaments. 

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