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Your betting odds are as good as you make them! Here are some tips on how to invoke goodluck for winning big at the casino.

What Should I Bring To The Casino For Goodluck

If you’re asking yourself, is today a good day for gambling? Am I going to be lucky today? Am I going to do well with my bets today?

If you’re a veteran gambler, you’ve probably come across several gambling superstitions, and you may probably follow some of them.

They can be as simple as a number or a lucky game or as estoric as a color or charm. As superstitious as it might sound, these charms may help you win at the casino.

Four-leaf clover

The four clovers represent love, faith, hope, and good luck. It’s one of the most prestigious charms in western culture, believed to bring good fortune, and if you come across this lucky charm, make sure you keep it up and never lose it. Why? The four-leaf clover is pretty hard to find. To be exact, for every 10 000 three-leaf clovers, there is one four-leaf clover!

goodluck for casino

Lucky penny

The legend of the lucky penny has been around since one can remember. It’s thought to bring you good luck and even wealth when kept by your side. Even if you don’t believe in its charm, there’s no harm in keeping a shiny penny in your pocket!


Yes, I know how absurd the idea of bringing a horseshoe into a casino sounds. But you don’t have to bring an actual horseshow with you. Buy yourself a horseshoe key ring or miniature and keep it with you when you gamble.

Some people even believe that if you keep the horseshoe upside down, it will collect and store all your blessings in its U-shaped figure!


This charm has been serving different purposes in different cultures. For the British, it supposedly healed ailments.

It has been connected to the Greek god of thunder, Thor, and an oak tree, protecting people from lightning in Norse culture.

Whatever purposes it served before, people believe it attracts good fortune. Acorn charms are seen as symbols of luck, so whenever you find yourself deeply invested in your blackjack or poker game, make sure you wear your charm.

Rabbit Horse

If metal charms aren’t your thing, then the rabbit horse is definitely for you. Commonly mistaken to be an American superstition, this lucky charm is a global charm believed to bring you good luck wherever you take it.

PS: get the rabbit’s left foot for even more good luck!

Cat eyes gem

The cat eye’s gem, also known as chrysoberyl, is a unique gemstone with a striking resemblance to cat’s eyes (no wonder it’s been named that!).

This queer gemstone is thought to help people discipline themselves and is used in the form of necklaces, rings, charms, etc. if you find yourself stuck at a poker tablewear a cat eye’s gem next time and see the difference.

goodluck for casino


Even if you have a lucky number, you might wanna switch it to 7. 7 has been known as the luckiest number for years now.

If you don’t believe that the number 7 is so special, ask yourself why there are 7 Seven Wonders of the World, seven deadly sins, seven days of the week, etc.

And it’s no surprise that the number 777 is considered to be the luckiest in the gambling world. 777, no doubt, gives out the biggest wins.

Laughing Buddha

The laughing buddha or hotai is famous for bringing prosperity and luck to one’s house. No wonder gamblers have also adopted this practice with the hope of blessing them with a long winning streak. The laughing Buddha is also used by PC gamers to bring them good luck!

Some numerous charms and beliefs are known to bring you good fortune. But a definite safe play is choosing a casino with a good bonus. If you’re an online player, you can definitely get lucky on Luxury Casino.

Getting lucky in a casino not only resides on the charms and the bonuses you’re getting but also alloy on experience and skill level. Make sure to keep practicing if you want to hit the golden jackpot someday!

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