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Missing gambling at the casinos? Now we can watch other people win and lose millions. Here's the best gambling TV shows ever!

Top 10 Gambling TV Shows of all time

Trying to binge-watch some TV series in this pandemic time? Why not try the TV shows that are based on gambling. Let me suggest to you the top 10 gambling TV shows that you should put on your watchlist. 

Gambling can be really fun and intimidating initially but one should be very secure as to not go too deep into it. Some sites like provide relevant information regarding gambling and you can make the best of it. 

These are the top 10 all-time favorite TV shows that are based on gambling.

Here is the list:

Smart Live Casino (2007)

Smart Live Casino is a television-based live casino that originated in the UK. The first episode aired in the month of May 2007. In every episode, the players will play different gambling games and it keeps the audience engaged. If you are looking for a TV series that is a thrill as a reality show then you must watch this Smart Live Casino.

Breaking Vegas (2004)

This TV show originated in the United States. This show is based on how and what people will do if they have to earn quickly through the casino. This TV series will explain the ways people cheat in casinos including the card marking tricks.

King of Vegas (2006)

King of Vegas, a show that had its first show aired on the 17th Jan of 2006. Max Kellerman, one of the best boxing commentators, hosted this TV series. Different gambling games were played in each episode of the series. This is a must-watch one.

The Casino (2004)

This show also belongs to the United States. The story of this web series explains the two millionaire people who sold their company for a huge sum trying to multiply that money in Vegas. Will they succeed? Watch this series to know more.

Big Deal (1984)

If you’re interested in watching a vintage gambling TV series then this is the one. The story of this series revolves around a young man who fights with his urges to gamble. Also, these episodes show how his gambling addiction has affected his love relationship with this long-time girlfriend. Watch once and share your reviews here.

Poker after Dark (2007)

This TV series is a little different than the other two. It doesn’t revolve around a story but it’s a sporting event. In each episode, they will show you a match and how tense it got when the blinds went up. With very little commentary the shows are very good to watch. Some of the episodes are very tense and will make you bite your nails.

World Poker Tour (2002)

The World Poker Tour is a TV series that started airing in 2002. They air all the international poker matches. But not all the matches in a tournament. They only aired the final table action. Usually, the final ones are the most interesting ones. Each episode is very thrilling to watch. If you are a poker fan, you should definitely watch this once.

Luck (2011)

Horse race and horse betting are the themes for the TV series Luck. This show even shows you even the very small details in horse betting. This series has all the things that you need to know about horse betting, horse jockeys, and also bookies.

High Stakes Poker (2006)

High Stakes Poker used a real casino location for their shooting. This show is a reality show that follows the stars of the poker game and tries to learn their secrets and habits that they do to win the game. Very interesting and informative TV series for all the poker fans.

Liar Game (2007)

The difference between this series and the above series is the fact that this show is a Japanese-based show. Adopted from a comic book, this show started airing in 2007. This show is based on a hero who does everything to win the gambling which involves betrayal and crime.

If you have any more series apart from this then do let us know in the comments below.

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