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Do you know where the best states in the U.S. are for gambling? This list might shock you, especially since Nevada isn't listed! Check it out.

Biggest US States in Online Gambling

The online gambling sector in the United States is expanding drastically. The Research & Markets report projects the industry to reach a whopping $92.9 billion by 2023. The success of online gambling lies in the ease of players using the games on their mobile devices and desktops. Furthermore, the rise in technology and virtual currencies will keep driving the industry forward. The projection may even be higher since more technologies are coming up daily to support games and online transactions. 

Various states in the US allow online gambling to take place. The activity is legal on a federal level, and everyone who wants to game can choose any site to use and place their bets. Individual states set these laws to ensure the citizens living in these areas can play under legal regulations. 

Players looking for games can find the top online casino to watch out for by checking the GamblersUSA for the daily updates on casino sites. Here are the most progressive states in the US in terms of online gambling:

New Jersey

New Jersey became the first state to legalize online casino gambling in the US in 2013. They legalized only one casino site in that year. Later, dozens of casino sites started their operations in the states and contributed to millions in tax revenues. The state regulates online gambling through the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Players in the state can play various games online, including poker, sports, fantasy sports, lotteries, or even horse racing. The online sites are licensed through the authority, and therefore, they are legitimate to use. Players can ensure they are signing up for a legal site by chinking their licenses and the regulation authorities from the state. 


Online gaming in Pennsylvania is almost similar to New Jersey. There are various online games with superiority to poker games in the state. There are numerous poker stars in the area that make the game very popular among punters. The market is, therefore, increasing relatively on all grounds, with higher tax returns reported annually. The overseer of these online gambling sites is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. They make the rules and ensure every site adheres to these rules effectively. 


Michigan is the fifth state in the US to legalize online poker games after governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Lawful Internet Gaming Act in December of 2019 to make online gambling in the state legal. It allows various online slots and mobile sports to start operating in the state. Also, the permit included other games and fantasy sports. Furthermore, the state set the Michigan Gaming Control Board to make rules and regulations to govern the operation of the online sites in the area. The board also offers the site’s license to make it legitimate to operate in the state. 


Online players in Delaware have access to all types of online betting except for sports betting. Online gambling in this state is vast due to the number of online players participating in online games. The state is also the second to legalize betting on sports in the country. Players enjoy in-person betting, and more wagering options are anticipated to increase technology in betting. The gambling sites in the state are under the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement which controls all the gaming activities. They provide rules and licenses for the gambling sites to operate. 

West Virginia

West Virginia online gambling is unique. West Virginia Lottery takes care of the state regulation of the online sites. They set the guidelines for managing online gambling in 2019 under the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act. The act allowed various gambling activities to occur in the state involve betting on slots, table games, poker, and lottery games. Also, the Attorney general to the state gave an opinion in 2016 to let fantasy sports as part of the online gambling activities. 


In August 2019, Iowa made sports betting legal. The same day saw various operators opening their doors to start receiving players in the area. The legalization of gambling in the state came three months after Governor Kim Reynolds signed a comprehensive bill that included legalizing all sports betting. The new lawyers allow for mobile wagering, and players can bet on various games, including college sports. The regulations authority for these gambling activities is bestowed to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. 


Legal sports in Indiana State opened in September 2019. The laws allow players to perform various bets on games, including college sports. They also have multiple sites that offer online casino games they can play on within the state. These sites are under rules and regulations provided by the Indiana Gaming Commission. 


Online gambling in Colorado State became legal in May 2020. After six months after a decision was made through voting, sports betting be regulated through licensed casinos. The state now has various platforms to bet with, and payers also get multiple games and sports where they can place their online wagers. Also, the state uses the tax revenue from these sites to enhance the state water projects. 


The state provides legal online gambling for players who want to bet online. The state launched online gambling in November 2021, featuring four licensed operators with various options to play. The Tennessee Sports Gaming Act regulates statewide mobile sports. The state’s multiple laws regulate online gambling, including options for live betting for the official league data. 


As online gambling in the US continues to make a breakthrough and get legal among various states, states now have multiple games and sites to choose from. You can ensure you play on legitimate sites by looking at the license and registration of the sites before you start playing on them. Furthermore, you can get inspiration to play on these sites by checking examples like Australia, where online gambling has been successful for ages. 

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