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Gamblers, who are accompanied by good luck, know that by itself it does not come, it must be earned.

Fresh bonuses and tournaments at the casino

Gamblers, who are accompanied by good luck, know that by itself it does not come, it must be earned. And to do that, you have to be patient and determined. But that is not all that can lead to good luck. To realize their goals and desires, you need to invest some financial resources. However, the virtual casino Fairspin provides players available bonuses. And this is an additional means to play at the online casino. A bonus is equivalent to regular money that is put on the line, resulting in the player’s winnings. This means that anyone can, without overdoing it, make a fortune. Let’s take a look at what bonuses casino Fairspin offers players.

Wheel of Fortune

This is an interesting mini-game that allows you to win money, cashback, and a good luck charm. The wheel of fortune itself is divided into several sectors, almost all of which contain some sort of prize. To run the wheel, you need to get a spin. There are two ways to do this: Free—for five days, you must make a deposit of at least $200. Paid—buy for $200 Determine game results using a random number generator. All cash winnings are subject to the veijer (x20). Bonus 10% This offer assumes that the player receives a bonus of 10% of the amount put on the account of the deposit. It must be at least $1000. The deposit amount may be deposited in one or more payments. If the amount needed to get the bonus is not deposited at once. Then the issuance of the bonus will take place after depositing money to cover the minimum deposit. This promotion is available for online casino tournament Canada for two hours from the moment it was activated. When the time expires, reactivation is possible. In order to withdraw the bonus that is received under this promotion, the player must make a wager. The amount of which will be at least 20 times the amount of the bonus. Withdrawal of the bonus will not be available until the user finishes it.


This is a special kind of competition between users of casino Fairspin. Victory in a tournament is determined by counting the number of tournament points received by each player. It should be noted that they are gained only for the game, on the stakes of which real money is put and only in slot machines involved in the tournament. To get on the list of participants, it is necessary to make several bets in any of the games. The prize fund of the game may be fixed or changing. In the latter case there is a constant increase of the fund due to bets in tournament games, which were made by participants of the tournament. If the prize pool is fixed, its size is set when the tournament starts and does not change again.

Distribution of the fund is carried out in equal parts among ten users, who gained the maximum number of points according to the results of the tournament. The winnings for a victory in a tournament are credited to the user’s current balance automatically right after the tournament finishes. You can find out the results of the game using a special widget that pops up on the right side of the site. Here you can see the amount of prize money, time to completion, a block of user achievements in the ongoing tournament, and a list of the leading players. Weekly tournaments run from 0 o’clock on Monday until 11 p.m. on Sunday, local time.

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