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If you need to kill time, solitaire is the easiest way to do so. Here's how you can play free games of solitaire while social distancing.

Free games of solitaire for you to enjoy while socially distancing

Ah, solitaire. The classic game for every loner. But seriously, if you need to kill time, solitaire is the easiest way to do so. Plus, there’s a million and one different ways to play the classic card game, so there’s a play style for everyone. 

Of course, reshuffling the cards in person, trying to set everything up properly, it leaves you annoyed before you can even start a game of solitaire. This is why online solitaire is the savior we need during these dark times. 

If you’re running out of things to do in quarantine, solitaire is always an option. These free games of solitaire will have you getting addicted to the classic card game all over again. With a variety of themes and gameplay styles, there truly is something for everyone looking for something to do. 

World of Solitaire

No matter what kind of solitaire you’re in the mood for, the website World of Solitaire has it available to you. Whether you’re a Klondike style person, or mix it up with some Aces Up or Pyramid, they’re all options. This website also doesn’t require any downloading or signing up for an account, so it’s the easiest option.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection 

PC automatically comes with solitaire, so it’s definitely the superior system solely for that. In all seriousness, it’s stupidly easy to play solitaire when it’s already downloaded to your computer. Even if your internet goes out, there’s always solitaire. 

Google Solitaire

If you google “classic solitaire”, you can literally play solitaire right there on the search page. With an easy and hard mode, it’s perfect for lazy people who don’t want to go searching for the game. 

Fairway Solitaire

Solitaire with a twist, Fairway Solitaire offers a new take on Pyramid style solitaire. Themed around golf, there’s plenty of challenges to go after, with bonuses to unlock for meeting certain milestones. The game is available on mobile, as well as for download on Shockwave and Big Fish Games.

MobilityWare Solitaire apps

The original solitaire game for smartphones, MobilityWare has adapted most of the major solitaire options as their own apps. With a smooth looking interface and easy use, it’s the perfect time-waster on the go. If this doesn’t do it for you, you can always try online slots at Live22.

Fashion Solitaire

This downloadable solitaire game is far from the traditional card game. But it has similar pieces: you have to try and match cards together based on colors, you can’t stack too many cards or refresh too many times, and you can’t move cards that aren’t the same type or color. It’s more of a puzzle game, but it’s a completely different take. 


The mahjong you’re most likely familiar with, where you match tiles in pairs of two, is actually called mahjong solitaire. Technically speaking, solitaire is any single player game played on a tabletop. So this version of mahjong counts.

Solitaire Paradise

This website has a variety of solitaire games available for you to play, and is free without ads! You can spend yours days playing solitaire in peace without any unnecessary distractions.

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