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According to experts, playing without a certain strategy is dooming you to lose money. Here's how you can win money betting on football.

Can You Win Money When Betting on Football?

Everyone should understand that this is not a win-win lottery when learning about match predictions at footwagers and placing football bets. Some bets win, and some don’t. It is impossible to predict 100% of the outcome of a sports match, even if the bettor has many years of experience and excellent preparation. Still, one can minimize risks when following the basic rules. 

What are footwagers? They are bets between the punter and the betting company. In summer seasons, football bets can rival the popularity of only lawn tennis, making this sport perfect for beginners. Good preparation, intuition, and a fair share of good luck allow people to win. 

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How to Choose the Most Prospective Football Bets?

Experienced professionals recommend not gambling on your favorite teams or immediately making different bets on many events to enjoy winnings. And although probability theory says that those methods may work once or twice, they cannot be regularly applied. Instead, the player has to choose the event and tournament he would like to bet on the most based on the following factors:

  • Deep knowledge of the team is the most crucial. 
  • Near in mind the opportunity of live streams. If you place live bets, find the best possible place to watch the course of the game to adjust the bets on action.
  • Learn free statistics available from experts.
  • Consider the qualitative analysis of the event, teams’ status, and their leading players.

The player should prepare well by studying the statistics of recent team battles, information about players’ health, substitutions, removals, penalties, and even the weather forecast.

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Which Strategies Are Efficient for Placing Football Bets? 

According to experts, playing without a certain strategy is dooming you to lose money. The player should set the bankroll and never go beyond it, however tempting it is to bet a significantly larger amount. Financial strategies also have their internal variations:

The Flat is a safe strategy with no more than 5% of seed money put at stake. Note that this rate does not change under any circumstances. 

The Guppy strategy is riskier. It means starting with 2% of the bankroll and doubling the losing bet, using a minimum multiplier of 2. This way, the winning should cover lost bets and bring benefits. And although the amount of money won is not big, the profit is stable.

The total of goals, yellow cards, or draws is also important in football betting. In any case, bettors should decide on the strategy and tactics in advance. Experienced players and analysts recommend that beginners take their time and not get excited. Soccer betting requires a careful approach. Otherwise, the risk of losing funds and frustration may be too high.

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