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Many of gambling's greatest players were and are women. If you love to play, here are the names, past and present, that you need to know.

Famous women in the gambling industry

Today, gambling is available to almost all people, regardless of their gender, age and financial situation. But just a couple of decades ago, women were not allowed to play at the gaming table without accompanying men, and no one expected their appearance in the gambling industry. 

But women never give up just like that, so some representatives of the” weaker sex ” managed to make a real breakthrough in the casino industry. A lot is known about the achievements of ladies in the gambling industry since a lot of women prefer to spend time in land-based and online casinos not on gamestop

Great women of the past

Alice Ivers

A young statuesque lady from England made the whole world freeze with her unsurpassed poker game, indescribable charisma and bright appearance. Initially, Alice came to the casino as an escort for her husband, who liked to spread cards with colleagues. 

But in a short time, Ivers herself found herself at the gaming table. She really masterfully beat even the most experienced male players, so in gambling circles she was nicknamed by a talking nickname — Alice Poker. 

Soon Alice began to master a new profession for herself as a dealer and was incredibly successful in this. The woman worked in the best gambling houses in Western America. There are rumors that Ivers has never lost a single game in her life.

Kitty Leroy

Kitty was born at the end of the nineteenth century and lived only twenty-eight years. Despite such an early death, she had a surprisingly bright life. Since the age of fourteen, Leroy began to get involved in gambling. 

Her skills were so good that Kitty could easily beat any adult opponent. At fifteen, Kitty was married, but soon she decided that family life was not for her and plunged headlong into a career. She mastered the profession of a dealer, and later became the founder of her own gambling house.

Lottie Deno

Lottie Deno, whose real name is Carlotta Tomkins, was called the Queen of Poker. This amazing woman occupies a special place in the history of the gambling industry. Lottie was born in the family of a professional poker player. 

From a young age, Carlotta followed her father everywhere, who visited gambling saloons every day, and very early began to understand all the nuances of poker. Lottie’s father knew that with the help of excitement, you can get a good job in life, so he taught her everything that he knew himself.

Later, Carlotta settled in Texas and began working as a dealer in one of the gambling houses, the owner of which soon offered her his hand and heart. As a wedding trip, the lovers chose a casino tour. Together they went through the best gambling houses. In one of them, Carlotta won an incredibly large amount, for which she was nicknamed Lottie Deno (in translation, this nickname means “a lot of money”).

Great women of the present


Annie Duke

An American girl named Annie Duke has been passionate about gambling from an early age. At first, the young beauty wanted to overcome this passion in herself and went to study at the university. But exactly thirty days before the end of higher education, I decided to realize my dream and moved to Vegas with my husband. Since then, her gambling achievements began.

Today, Mrs. Duke is known as a talented poker player and a teacher of the Poker Academy. She has received numerous awards and has published several books and guides on the game of poker. 

Annie’s maximum winnings were two million dollars, and a few years ago, Duke was able to earn four million dollars on poker in a year.By the way, the most common gambling hobby of women today is slot machines and new casinos not on gamestop.


Lydia Barbara

It was poker that also brought Lydia to fame. She has become a real professional at this game. Later, Barbara, as a smart and calculating woman, decided to earn on her skill. She became the manager of a professional poker team, and soon after that she rose to the position of director of a gambling house.

Three years ago, Lidia Barbara became the founder of a project in which she shares her ideas for the development of gambling business. Her works have made an invaluable contribution to the history of modern gambling.


Denise Coats

Denise is a successful businesswoman from the UK. She is a billionaire and the founder (as well as the director) of the famous online casino Vt365. Last year, the revenue of Kots amounted to more than four and a half billion dollars. She became the richest person in England who holds the position of CEO.

Denise started out as an ordinary cashier in a betting center. It was then that she came up with the idea to develop the betting industry in the global network. Soon after, she came up with the domain name BET365 and created the most successful sports betting office in Britain.


There are more and more women in the gambling business. Today, they can not just compete with men, but also overtake them in many moments. Ladies are much less likely than men to visit land-based gambling houses. They prefer to spend time at the computer in online establishments such as Aplay.

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