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Fortnite season 8 is here! Blast into the story and unearth all the craziest easter eggs coming from the latest edition of the viral video game.

The craziest Easter eggs in ‘Fortnite’ season 8

For those of us who grew up in the 80s & 90s, even the 2000s, we can think back to the video games we used to play as kids. Chances are, one thing comes to mind: video games have come a long way. Let’s imagine what they’ll look like come the end of this decade and the 30s – once we do something about climate change, of course! Video gaming has been a popular form of entertainment for decades now. For Fortnite fans:

It looks like Fortnite season 8 is all about the cubes! Yes, the alien invasion is over, but now Fortnite’s island is full of cubes. Season 8 of the battle royale’s second chapter just launched and it’s simply named Cubed. And the premise is already looking a little strange. As stated by Epic developer, the cubes which used to power the giant alien mothership have now been set free to bring disaster on the island. 

Like all new seasons, the update implies a fresh combination of new characters, weapons, locations, and even portals to transport players to a monster-congested realm. The launch was followed by an eruptive live event that took place over the weekend. It’s time to gear up for Fortnite season 8!

Fortnite beginning

Where would we be without our beginnings?

Upon its launch, the story of Fortnite’s premise was straightforward. An organization known as IO formed a battle royale island using Zero Point. A great ball of energy that connected realities – it allows players to drop into the map and fight back the storm that’s conquering the island. 

One day, a meteor crept in the sky. It grew closer and closer each day until it finally struck the island. A great deal of Fortnite’s island was destroyed and greatly changed by the impact. But many of the meteoric fragments held special powers. 

The meteor shower allowed Fortnite’s villain Omega to flee which allowed him to build a lair and construct a rocket. Meanwhile, the Unknown Investigation Agency set up headquarters and began investigating the comet crash, showing an alien called the Visitor. 

The Visitor left to help Omega and his crew, helping them finish the rocket. When the rocket launched, it brought destruction everywhere, even opening up enormous rifts in the sky. The story began!

Via Epic

The alien and IO war has come to an end but a new war has just begun. In this war, you’ll be a combatant. 

After Slone double-crossed you and left you to be slaughtered on the Mothership, the cubes that powered it are free now. These things are a greater threat to the island than those aliens could’ve ever been. They have no face nor speech, but they’re sentient with six sides of malice. 

You think the corruption they’ve caused is bad now, but just wait and see what happens if we let them stomp all over the island. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-alien or pro-IO, we’ll need all the help we can get to keep the island from approaching her downfall. It’s up to everybody, including you.

This season 8, the cubes will also be sentient!


All long-time Fortnite fans will tell you that cubes have always been an important part of the game’s lore. But the biggest change in season 8 would probably be the new element called “The Sideways”. It’s described as “dark, malevolent, monster-filled reality” which is spread by the cubes. 

As the player, you’ll be able to assist through portals, along with monsters, featuring low gravity and no building. And it’ll change to different island locations. You’ll be able to obtain a new crafting component from areas to create superpowered “sideways” weapons. Season 8 will be bringing back some classic guns and that includes the automatic sniper rifle and harpoon gun!

Mark your calendars for Fortnite season 8! And tell us your thoughts in the comments! Things are looking great!

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