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With rising technology, cryptocurrency is going together with the esports industry like peanut butter and jelly. Make the most of it with our tips!

How The E-Sports Organizations and Tournament Operators Partnership

The rise of eSports in recent years has been unprecedented, however, this did not happen without the industry having to disillusion the orthodox sports culture first. This is the same for cryptocurrencies; with several bumps and obstacles overcome before they became widely acceptable and popular.

In the past, eSports was just a niche, but now, it is a global business with millions of followers around the world. eSports organizations and tournament operators are beginning to partner with cryptocurrency companies. This is one alliance that many experts believe will strengthen both eSports and the crypto casino industry.

At the start of the 2000s, many people considered eSports as nothing but an insignificant hobby. Nevertheless, it has been proven today that the internet can accommodate so many things as it transforms into worldwide entertainment. 

For instance, the most popular eSports games such as League of Legends, CS GO, and Dota 2 attract millions of players around the world. In 2019, the total eSports viewership was pegged at 454 million, and in 2023, experts estimate that it’ll reach 646 million. To put this in perspective, the viewership of eSports has almost doubled in the last half dozens of years 

Overview Of The E-Sports Arena

Advanced gaming technologies have led to the birth of game streaming platforms such as YouTube Gaming and Twitch. It has also enhanced the constant demand for mobile entertainment, and the whole market capitalization is projected to reach $2.1 billion in 2020.

E-Sports have had a huge social impact that we cannot ignore. It has helped, in no small measures, to shape the future of competition and develop new space for learning essential soft skills. Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, friends and entire family members would gather to watch eSports tournaments the same way they gather to watch the FIFA World Cup.

The E-Sports Organizations and Tournament Operators Partnership with Crypto Companies

More and more eSports organizations and tournament operators are beginning to see the advantages of partnering with cryptocurrency companies. For instance, an eSports technology and infrastructure provider, FYX gaming, have signed a partnership with an eSports betting operator. The aim of companies such as FYX gaming is to create the next generation of exemplary iGaming products built on blockchain technology solutions.

All around the world, eSports and crypto partnerships are rapidly growing. Different eSports organizations are signing an agreement with crypto companies. Both seem to have a mutual understanding that why eSports is the future of gaming, cryptocurrency is the future of transactions. 

E-Sport organizations are looking to introduce several loyalty rewards and special bonus packages for players, while tournament operators are tasked with providing equal opportunities for participants and viewers.

How E-Sports Partnership Have Impacted the Crypto Casino Industry

Just like eSports, the crypto casino industry has been growing rapidly over the years as more and more people continue to prefer it to traditional casinos. With the partnership between eSports organizations and tournament operators becoming increasingly beneficial to both partners, the crypto casino industry has been impacted as well.

One of the many ways the crypto casino industry has been impacted is through the creation of awareness. More and more people are starting to learn about the crypto casino industry and its advantages. As a result, more people are switching to crypto casinos ahead of traditional casinos.

As the eSports and crypto market grows, the crypto casino industry grows simultaneously as well as all three as extricated interlinked. This means that growth in the crypto or eSports industry will result in a corresponding growth in the crypto casino industry.

The more crypto casinos enjoy more patronage, the more the profit turnover for crypto casinos. With the safety and security of crypto, players would find crypto casinos even more advantageous than traditional casinos. 

Crypto casinos also offer the advantage of transparency, fair gaming, and anonymity, further giving them an edge. All these are indirectly linked to the alliance between eSports organizations and tournament operators with crypto industries.


There is no denying that the possibilities of the constantly growing eSports industry seem limitless. As a result, crypto creators are increasingly bold and are looking to enter into the territory and maximize its benefits. 

It appears as if both industries are built for each other and their integration is inevitable. While the partnership is a win-win situation for both partners, the crypto casino industry is another industry winning in this alliance.

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