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Blockchain technology can be used to power a new generation of online gaming. Check out our guide to find the right crypto game for you!

How to choose an online crypto game

I know you have heard of online gaming before, or even maybe you have interacted with some before. Some people have made online gambling a career just by doing what they enjoy and winning big cash rewards for it. 

Blockchain technology has seized the opportunity, and it is now being used on online casino gaming, that is, crypto games. The new generation of Bitcoin games utilizes true item ownership from the same technology that lies at the core of cryptocurrencies.

What are the benefits of playing an online crypto game?  

Low Transaction fees 

There is no third party like the government or banks that you’ll need to pay for the transaction.


In conventional casino games, a developer of the game may want you to upgrade to the latest version of the game in order to continue playing. But, in blockchain, rules cannot be changed. This is because the developer wishes to cut out the exploitation of money for either party.

Secured transactions 

The gaming ecosystem information is stored by blockchain, for example, the owner of the game’s items as well as the worth of those items. Through the information, you can trust the items, deeming them to be genuine. You will also have access to a record of the winnings which have taken place, ensuring secure online gambling.

Lucrative casino offers

The incentivization is inbuilt and integrated within the game, so you genuinely get paid. The fact that you acquire and own special assets within the game’s ecosystem, which can be traded with other users of the game, makes the experience more enjoyable.

Easy withdrawal processing

Funds come directly to your wallet once you’ve put in a request to withdraw. Also, there are not many complicated mandatory policies and requirements to cash out at an online casino. So, you get to enjoy a fast and secure withdrawal process with cryptocurrency casino games.

The best crypto games to play about 300 words

  • Axie Infinity– the game is based on the Ethereum blockchain network, and you are required to collect the Axies by teaching, feeding, and fighting them in battles. You’re also required to purchase and build an Axie team which consists of three types of Axies, each costing at least 200 USD or more. How to buy Axie Infinity and start making your money back quickly and enter into the game without a barrier, you need to learn more from the experts.
  • Blankos Block Part– also runs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are toy figures that you can collect, customize, and play with by taking on their avatar. You just need to create a casino player account and play the game for free or for real cash at any of our online casinos. 
  • CryptoZoon– you’re required to fight monsters, and you get to choose the creature you wish to use accompanied by suitable weapons for the battle. For any enemy, you can choose to get pay in tokens inform of BNB.
  • Crypto Blades- the game is launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Here you obtain legendary blades by defeating enemies and receiving skill tokens.

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