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Cricket fans unite! Here's how you can use the newest Crickex referral code and welcome bonus to win big betting on your favorite sport.

Crickex Referral Code & Welcome Bonus 2022

Every player or bettor intends to take as much advantage of the platform for himself. And, it is not surprising at all. You are likely to be just like them too. That is why it is rather sensible to take a look at Crickex referral code. It is about presenting you with more opportunities than you can imagine. So, let’s see what it is all about.

The referral system is a nice chance for the players to get rewards for what they do. They promote a casino and betting platform and are thanked for this. So, how do you like this idea? It is advisable not to miss such a generous chance because you can really benefit from this.

A referral code or link is about to be given to you when you go through the sign-up process. You will not have to make any extra effort to receive them, and it is an important point. This is what today’s players and bettors like the platform for (and, by the way, it does not matter at all whether you place bets or play games on the resource; all participants are about to be given referral codes regardless of what they are doing).

crickex referral code

Crickex Bonus Offers

The Crickex platform is ready to please you with a great deal of rewards. Crickex referral code is just one of them. apart from this, you can also expect to get such cool stuff as:

  • Exchanging gift points with real cash. In this case, feel free to earn gift points by means of placing bets on a regular basis. Then, you will be able to use the reward to the fullest;
  • Weekly lucky draw. When you register an account, it is time to make deposits. Every time you input 1000 INR, you are about to receive one ticket. Keep going and really soon, you will be capable of fighting for the main prize;
  • A birthday bonus. Thanks to this one, you get to enjoy 100o INR on your special day;
  • Cashback for placing bets on EVO (it will be credited each Monday);
  • Slot cashback. This one will also be given on Mondays, and you can expect to receive it for playing all kinds of machines.

crickex referral code

How to Activate the Code

First of all, it is mandatory to register an account. This is a simple action and it will not involve more than several minutes of your time. Then, it is vital to verify the account. It is done with the help of the phone number you have already indicated.

Then, you will be able to receive a personal Crickex referral code. And, you do not have to proceed with any further actions to activate it. Feel free to share it anywhere you want to. In return, you will be suggested to enjoy 1000 INR and you are about to be able to use this money just as you wish.

However, there is stuff that has to be taken into consideration. A friend of yours or a person you will advise a platform has to proceed with the deposit of at least 2000 INR. The turnover requirement is 6000. These conditions have to be fulfilled within 15 days.

The number of people you can refer to is unlimited. This is listed in the details linked to the referral code. note that cricket match odds and bookmaker market are excluded from what is connected with the offer.

Those who have already received their referral codes were satisfied with the advantages they were able to get. So, you can easily become one of them and enjoy such a privilege too. let’s do this then! If you face any difficulty, feel free to refer to the support team. They see what is wrong with your personal offer.

crickex referral code

Crickex Registration

It is not hard to register on the Crickex platform at all. Follow the tips suggested below, and you will go through this process without any major obstacles. And, right after this, you will get to receive Crickex referral code which is really nice.

Well, first of all, it is necessary to find a Sign Up button in the menu. Click there, and you will be offered to finish the form completion. It includes filling in such stuff as username, password, preferred currency and a refer code.

After this, you will be obliged to state a phone number, email address, and name. Then, it is essential to enter a verification code and agree with all the conditions a platform is offering you. this is about it. And, you should be at least 18 in order to stick to everything that is given for your pleasure.

By the way, the majority of the new users do not experience any problems with the sign-up. If some of them still do, they refer to the support to receive proper assistance.

Is Crickex the Best Site for Placing Bets?

Crickex is thought to be one of the best platforms allowing participants to make bets today. And, Crickex referral code is not the only reason for this.

Crickex resource is marvelous because here you get the chance to earn quite nice money. Such an opportunity is explained by the fair conditions for everyone, and a variety of bonuses. What is more, your funds are going to be withdrawn rather quickly.

crickex referral code

The Rules of Using a Crickex Site

There are not that many rules you need to stick to. At the same time, they do exist. Let us enumerate them in a list given below:

  • You have to be at least 18 to start placing bets and playing your favorite games;
  • It is essential to go through the registration and log into your account to be eligible for making the deposits;
  • Your account has to be verified. Only in this case, you will be able to deal with the withdrawals;
  • There is a rule of minimum deposit you have to make. It is connected with one of the payment options you plan to stick to. They are PayTM, UPI, and crypto. Each of the variants is okay but you’d better select the one you are fine about most of all;
  • You can use the rewards that may be potentially given to you only if you fulfill all requirements needed for this. The details are normally listed as the info below the bonus (its description);
  • There is no use in trying to create multiple accounts. This is forbidden by the rules of the platform. and, if you do this, you are likely to be banned, and, in this case, you are not going to be able to use the resource at all.

That is why try not to break the rules and do everything honestly. Then, you will be capable of benefiting from the activities suggested on the Crickex resource. Good luck with everything!

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