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Counter Strike 2: Expectations from the New Game Version

If you are a fan of Counter Strike, you might have heard about the upcoming update. Valve Corporation has officially announced that their major game is moving to a new format. But what does this mean for the Gamer’s settings? Will you still be able to trade skins from Source 2? Learn all the significant answers to these questions.

CS 2 Is Coming to the Market

Valve Corporation decided to send a bomb on everyone by stating that they were moving their legendary product to the Source 2 engine and creating a totally different adventure. It will be officially launched by the end of 2023. So gamers will get access to classic features along with modern perks.

The CS:GO community holds their breath while waiting for all the new updates. If you’re not really into technology regarding engines, you might be asking yourself: what exactly will change? Here are the main differences between Global Offensive and Counter Strike 2:


One of the main changes will be related to Smokes. New tech capabilities make Smoke Grenades more dynamic and interactive. They can react to the environment and look realistic in the long run. What’s more, they will be destroyed by bullets passing through them. This will have a serious CS score impact on CS GO match history.


The visual amendments at Source 2 will be offered in great diversity. Gamers will now be able to see such things as AWP bullet traces, their own agent’s feet, and shadows. The effects such as lightning, fire, and explosions are also designed colorfully. All of this will extremely boost one’s experience with the game.

Tick Rate

The other modifications made accessible by Counter Strik 2 aren’t noticeable at first. However, professional CS players will surely recognize the difference. It is important to monitor Valve’s official video, which involves a wide range of tricks. The new engine will enhance the way the server reacts to what occurs in the game. Before the game could only record actions at fixed intervals, while everything in between was treated as non-existent. In the new game, no discrepancies are going to take place.

Skin Features

The whole assortment of skins will be covered in the new versions of the game. This data has been officially approved by Valve. Everything you’ve bought for your CS:GO inventory or got directly in the adventure stays in CS2.

Cosmetic items are a crucial part of CS:GO, with many gamers having developed a collection of items over the years. Some of them are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Weapon skins are some of the most reasonable items in the game. But what will occur to all of those items when the transition is transformed from CS:GO to CS2?

Counter Strike 2 is not just an update that will keep the game visually unchanged. In fact, it will come up with a modern interface and better graphics. Of course, the context will also be affected by the recent updates. Basically, a whole new routine will appear on the market. Of course, the concept of the game will remain unchanged. It will still be the top shooter filled with action.

Gamers will keep their in-game items, which means that they will maintain their skins in the inventory. The new version is not going to steal something from you. Feel free to keep what belongs to you. Just focus on the fact that everyone’s items will be safely moved to the new engine, without additional fees. So you can keep all your worries behind.

The Place to Trade Skinn Assets

SkinCashier is a universal resource that works for the previous and upcoming versions of CS:GO. This means that gamers will be able to sell CS2 items using the platforms. Gamers should wait for this announcement as much as anyone in the community. And they are impressed with what this update will contribute to the gameplay.

Counter Strike 2 will surely have a direct impact on the skin variety. However, experts state that everything will work on the same principle. The item value will still rely on the law of supply and demand. To predict future events, you should stay tuned for the latest updates.

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