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Do you want to be the MVP of your next game? Get ready for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 with these tips for would-be expert players.

COD Modern Warfare: 6 Hush, Hush Pro Tips

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare had upgraded both the level of gaming and the frenzy associated with it amidst the masses of the gaming community upon its release. Since the very first launch of this version, the number of gamers and the frequency of games has gone up several times more than before.

In fact, Modern Warfare was even voted as the most popular and best game according to people’s choice, while being in a close-knit competition with Black Ops 2.

While there are several tips and tricks to better the game, be it of noobs or pro, there are many latent yards that have been unventured, which are known to only a few. Want to be one amongst those lucky ones who know the secret and win the game like a cakewalk? Here it is!

Riot Shield Secret

The riot shield is used to provide cover for bullets fired at you. However, the secret of the shield is unfolded. There was a notion that a riot shield was able to only knock off the knives and bullets and can be destroyed with heavy attacks.

However, the only way to annihilate a riot shield is a planned and drastic attack of mammoth force. If used right, a riot shield can be your winning factor in the game.

Workaround Tactics

There are some makeshift adjustments that are possible in COD modern warfare, but many players are unaware of it. The first is the attackable drone; the player can fix a claymore over the drone and let it hover above. Now, the drone is not only a cautious eye looking out for you but also a weapon to wield.

The claymore fixed on it can be used to attack on the enemies spotted by the drone. While the drone does suffer damages, it is a useful means indeed.

Knives and Knifing

While carrying knives might seem drastically barbaric and dramatically asinine, it has a high probability of earning you kills. When you carry knives, many players will be unaware because as bullets make noise, knives nearly do not. If you can hit the right target, the enemy will be taken by surprise and killed instantly.

You can even carry it while making a dash or as a passerby by throwing the knives swiftly at the peaking body parts of the opponents.

Launching Attacks

The best attacks to fire at your enemies are the surprised ones. It has often been overruled by players to set an objective while playing. It is important to decide on an objective instead of running mindlessly. Look at your enemy and sneak behind, bang on it.

You can also use another method: Did you know that call of duty now lets you kill the enemies with a bird? Yes, now you can kill with a crow after buying a pass of $10 and unlocking tiers.

Map Usage

The map has a vital usage in the entire working of the game. If the player wants to launch a surprise attack or go camping or find its means of loadout at a place, maps can be crucial.

The maps and the several game modes available have to be examined well before deciding the track of the perilous journey. Using the maps, you can identify your loadout spots and the possible spaces where you can use the reward of your killstreaks, like the drones or the UAV radars.

Heightened Senses

The doors in modern warfare are not made for mere display. These doors are seemingly the strategic footer of the game that, if used well, can change the entire pace. A player can now go in and come out through the doors.

When a door opens or closes, the sound is created. Use it to your advantage by knowing where your opponents are currently. You can even throw a knife or start shooting on the door; the enemy approaching the door will be killed instantly.

These tips are indeed something to treasure. However, given the tight competition and plethora of players in the arena, winning easily is a slight chance unless you use some modern warfare hack and its cheats. These will be equipped with aimbot, wallhack, esp, and even an HWID spoofer to protect you from getting banned in the game.

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