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Casino movies take you on a journey to exotic locations such as Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas. Here are the best casino based movies.

Best Casino Based Movies

Movies try to depict life, and through the world of movies, you can see different parts of the world and taste different experiences. Gambling has been a huge part of human existence; as such, it is no surprise that lots of movies have been created about gambling experiences. Thus, whether you are a gambler or a casino-movie enthusiast, you can experience the glitz & glamour of gambling and the unappealing part of it. Through these casino movies, you can become part of the fun, the drama, the risk, and even the Mafia world.

Casino movies take you on a journey to exotic locations such as Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and you feel like a part of that world. You can also see how casinos have evolved because these movies cover different periods. Also, something is captivating about casino movies that get you drawn into the world of gambling. Therefore, if you are looking for casino-based movies to watch, you should start with these:

  • Casino (1995)

The Casino is an epic crime film based on a true story that depicts the harsh underworld of casino games. This movie shows the tacky operations of gambling in Las Vegas in the 1970s and the detailed involvement of local mobsters. Ace Rothesin is a smooth operator assigned by his bosses to head the Tangiers Casino.

He tries his best to make this a success, but his childhood friend Nick and his wife Ginger (once a hustler) only put him in more danger. There are countless murders and other criminal acts shown in Casino. Thus, you can see the unsavory part of Casino games and their relationship with the Mafia.

  • Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s Game is an entertaining and energetic drama that represents the glitz, glamour, and ugly part of the Casino game. The story is centered on a powerful female character Molly who was once a promising Olympic Skier. However, when she loses her spot due to skiing injuries, she has no choice but to go to L.A. to find another job.

She started running high-stakes poker games and casinos for the Mafia and other prominent figures until the FBI arrested her. This only puts Molly in grave danger, and her only savior is her criminal defense lawyer. Molly’s game is based on a true-life story and involves violent scenes and harsh realities of gambling.

  • Casino Royale (2007)

Casino Royale is another intriguing casino movie that gives you a peek into the Casino world. This movie isn’t just a poker game movie but is also filled with drama and suspense. It revolves around James Bond’s mission to track down and stop notorious suppliers of terrorist money.

The British Service agent heads to Madagascar to beat Le Chriffe (a man who finances terrorists) in a high-stakes poker game. This movie is adventurous, action-filled, thrilling, and shows the captivating world of casino games.

  • The Card Counter (2021)

The card counter tells the story of an army veteran William Tells who has turned towards gambling as salvation from his past that haunts him. He becomes a professional card counter who knows the philosophy of poker games and can calculate the best moment to win big without raising any suspicions. He goes from motel to motel, competing in small-stake casino card games.

When he meets a young man named Cirk, who wants him to kill someone linked to his military past, he gets dragged back into his past. William, accompanied by La Linda (His lady friend), takes Cirk from Casino to Casino, trying to teach him the art of gambling. Even though he is an accomplished poker game player, William doesn’t teach Cirk all about Casino card games.

  • Rounders (1998)

The Rounders is an intriguing movie that depicts the underground world of high-stakes poker in New York and Atlantic City. The story revolves around two friends who must play big stakes poker games to pay off loan sharks. Mike Mcdermott has just quit gambling after losing all his money to a Russian gangster KGB.

He loses his tuition money and must turn his back on gambling or risk losing his girlfriend too. But he is drawn back into the world of gambling when his friend asks for his help to settle an old debt. They almost come close to winning a huge sum of money but are caught cheating. Now, they can only survive this by beating the Russian gangster. This movie showcases the thrills and fear of losing or winning money, which is all about gambling.

  • The Gambler (2014)

Movies about gambling aren’t always about glamour but also show the negative effect of gambling on individuals and society. Jim Bennett is a Literature who has a gambling addiction, and therefore he leads a double life. However, he runs out of luck when he borrows money from a loan shark and uses his life as collateral.

He is a risk-taker, which only leads him to accrue huge debt and put his life in danger. His gambling addiction becomes a tool for self-destruction as he keeps losing at almost every game.

Take your love for online casinos to a new level by watching any of these casino movies highlighted. It will be fun, and you’d learn a lot that will help your casino journey.

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