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Bushido Ways xNudge is one of the best Japanese slots online Australia. So what is so good about it? Keep reading to find out.

Bushido Ways xNudge – One of the Slots Online Australia That You Just Can’t Get Enough of

The way of the warrior, or Bushido as it is called in Japanese, used to be the samurai’s code of honor. And you will learn a lot about Japanese culture from this Nolimit City title.

Bushido Ways xNudge is one of the best Japanese slots online Australia. So what is so good about it? Keep reading to find out.

The Structure of the Game

First things first, to start playing you need to press the small dollar symbol in the bottom left corner.

Then, you will need to choose a bet to your liking. It can be both low and high depending on your bankroll. After choosing your bet, just start spinning the reels.

The game comes with five reels and four rows. There are both wild symbols and scatter symbols, but the wilds do not work as they do in many other slots online Australia.

What makes them special are specific functions, designed in a typical Nolimit City way.

First of all, there are two different wilds, namely the geisha which can only appear on the third reel and can be moved to the right position if it is visible, hence the name xNudge.

Then there are also regular wild symbols that can land on reels from two to five. The special thing about these wild symbols is that they can get even more lucrative with a feature known as “Sliced Wilds”.

They double all your winnings on the third reel, triple on the fourth, and quadruple on the fifth, which can get you some huge wins, especially with a multiplier involved.

Another feature in the base game is the so-called “Oni Transform” feature. This is triggered when a scatter symbol and one of the samurai warriors land on the reels at the same time, then all the samurai on the board are transformed into the samurai with the highest value visible on the playing field.

The slot revolves a lot around the two special functions that can be achieved via scatter symbols.

There are two different free spins modes in Bushido Ways, one called “Shogun Spins” and the other “Geisha Spins”. Both can offer you something that most slots online Australia with similar features can’t.

To get the first, you need to land three scatter symbols on the playing field at the same time.

As for the latter, you need a geisha to appear on the middle wheel. And for each step she takes through the Nudge function, the multiplier increases, and it is that multiplier that ranges between 1x -4x that separates Geisha Spins and Shogun Spins.

There is an opportunity for those who want to jump right into the heat of the battle to instead buy one of the two possible free spins bonuses.

If you fancy Shogun Spins, it will cost you 70x the bet. If you want to go big with Geisha Spins instead, you will need to pay 700x the bet.

The Main Theme of the Game

Bushido Ways xNudge manages to capture the feel of a battlefield from the Sengoku period or also called the Warring States period when Japan was torn apart by civil war.

The music also reflects the feeling you get from looking out over the war-torn playing field with its rhythmic drums.

 The symbols depict various types of samurai with drawn katanas ready for battle. There is also a geisha holding a sharp knife.

Other than that, the symbols are pretty standard and come as card values ranging from 10 to Ace.

As soon as you get bigger wins, you’ll understand why the slot machine is called Bushido Ways as the screen is decorated with paintings with words closely associated with the samurai code of honor, which includes honor, respect, and revenge.

Bushido Ways xNudge RTP

Unlike most slots online Australia, Bushido Ways comes with two RTP values. The slightly more lucrative version has an RTP of 96.10%, while the other one comes with an RTP of 94.04%.

So there is reason to be careful about which version you choose when playing Bushido Ways.

The volatility is quite high, which is not surprising given the high wins that the Sliced Wilds feature can provide.

The win cap is 30,000x the bet, which is pretty nice.

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