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The Biggest Slot Machine Wins Of The Past 20 Years: Revisited

The average gambler anywhere in the world dreams of winning big with hopes of changing their fortunes by just playing a lucky hand. In reality, most punters don’t see their dreams come through, but a few have.

It is a known secret in the gaming industry that punters dedicate their time to playing different pikers games with the hope of winning the jackpot on slot machines, to no avail. However, there are a few lucky ones who have made history after playing a simple $1 slot online or at Casino houses.

Many of the biggest wins over the last 20 years have happened at the last Vegas Strip, and we review some of them below. Our list should inspire you if you are an avid gamer with hopes of winning big.

Noteworthy Slot Machine Wins Of The Last Two Decades

Anonymous ($14.3 million) – Rampart Casino

The Rampart Casino in Las Vegas witnessed a historic moment in 2013 when a poker player chucked $20 into a machine and recorded arguably the biggest win in history to the tune of more than $14 million. Not much is known about the player, but they donated a significant portion of the cash to charity.

Progressive Slots – ($37 million)

When it comes to progressive gaming, no win comes close to the $37 million won at progressive Slots. In 2006, a lucky gamer won a grand jackpot of $37 million.

Betway Online Casino ($17.25) – Jon Hayward

Betway is one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world, and they recorded one of the largest wins on their platform. One of the biggest winners on the platform is a British soldier named Jon Hayward who won $17.25 million after playing Mega Moolah on the Betway platform. 

What makes Jon Hayward’s story all the more astonishing is that he played the game with a measly 25-pence. With such an insignificant investment, he won a life-changing jackpot that inspired many after him. Over the years, Betway has gained a big reputation among gamers for massive slot machine wins, making it one of the largest online gaming platforms today.

M Resort ($17.3 million) – Henderson

Another mega win at the slot machine was won by Henderson, a Las Vegas resident. Mr. Henderson won a few hand credits in spectacular fashion. What should have been an average day at the casino turned out to be one of the biggest wins of all time. He scooped up a massive $17.3 million at the Megabucks machine. Although Megabucks has recorded more than a few wins in recent times, Mr. Henderson’s win was one of the most memorable of the lot. Free credits are often overlooked by gamblers because they often yield nothing, but you can never tell when one of them may land you a mega win that would change your life forever.

Cannery Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas ($21.1 million) – Elmer Sherwin

The story of Elmer Sherwin is another remarkable tale that will linger long in the memory of many for his amazing win. Mr. Sherwin is one of the luckiest men in history because he hit the jackpot not once but twice. He first made a name with the slot machine in  1989 at the Mirage Casino after winning $4.6 million. As if that wasn’t enough, he won an even bigger jackpot in 2005 at the Cannery Casino when he won $21.1 million, five times bigger than his previous win years back. The argument that lighting doesn’t strike twice may be true for most but not for Sherwin, who won mega millions twice.

Caesars Palace ($21.3 million) – Anonymous

Caesars Palace is one of the most iconic entertainment and gambling centers in the world and home to some of the most successful sporting and gambling figures in the world. It has also witnessed some of the biggest jackpot wins in the history of slot games as well. A business consultant whose name was kept hidden won $21.3 million at the Megabucks slot with just a $10 wager. To date, his win remains one of the biggest slot wins of all time.

Bally’s Casino ($22.6 million) – Johanna Heundl

Last but not least on our list of biggest  wins of all time is that of Johanna Heundl, and her story is one of the most glamorous tales of all. While celebrating her 74th birthday at the Bally’s Casino in 2022, she decided to spin some reels before heading out for breakfast. To her surprise, she landed the biggest surprise of her life.

After spending $100 without success, the retiree inserted another $100 bill into the slot machine and also lost that one. She finally used the last $30 in her purse, and guess what happened? She landed a colossal win of more than $22 million.

These stories may seem like scenes from a Hollywood movie, but they all happened to real people. There are many more stories of similar wins, but these are some of the biggest in the last two decades.

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