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Bet365 Horse Racing Betting & Bonus Sign Up

Bet365 is a massive sports betting website with millions of regular users, as well as several dozen sports that you can freely bet on. Horse racing is just one of the many games that you can find on this platform. All the same, the major events surrounding this sport are added all the time.

Sports get in and out of the rotation on Bet365 all the time. Horse racing is a popular enough sport in the English-speaking countries, so it remains a stable part of their international website. Some regional website versions might not have that, depending on what people in these countries like.

Horse racing is actually a somewhat complex sport, as far as bets are concerned, at least. There are plenty of unique rules that you don’t find anywhere else. But the good news is, Bet365 horse racing features are no worse than what you’d find on a dedicated platform.

In fact, among the bigger provider, Bet365 might be one of the best choices for people who want to bet on horses on a regular basis. It’s a still a somewhat niche sport, but this provider adds all the major coming events and meticulously updates the details on all of them, including the runners, locations, time, etc.

How to Make a Horse Racing Bet on Bet365

To make a Bet365 horse racing wager, you need to enter the website and choose one of two main categories of betting: ‘live’ or ‘sport’. 

‘Live’ includes all the currently played runs. Because horse racing is a pretty niche sport, and live plays require additional logistics to pull off, you might not always get live plays of the current horse races. That being said, if many people view the race at the same time, the platform might feature the thing.

‘Sport’ is just another word for ‘line’ – the basic sportsbook, in short. You can find all the future races in it (limited to a handful of coming days). That’s where you might want to start, considering that live bets are much more complex and steep, anyway. Line bets are exciting enough.

To make a bet, you’ll want to visit the website and go to either of these two sections. After that, select the horseracing in the main sports catalog. In the ‘sport’ category, the catalog is represented by a vertical menu on the left side of the screen. In ‘live’, the sports are featured at the top of the screen in a horizontal menu.

Select horseracing and proceed to find the race you’re interested in. Several races that will soon start are presented right away. Other races can be found below. Bet365 horse racing (and horse racing in general) is interesting because you can continue betting on a runner regardless of a race.

The runners retain their statistics throughout the races, so you can keep tabs on the most successful candidates. It’s a bit tricky to operate the horse race bets here, but it’s a complex sport. You can see the races for today and tomorrow in a large list beneath the soonest races.

There, you can place bets on the wins and place of each racer. You can do it for any race you find, and there are actually lots of them. There are plenty of international races going on every day, and you can sort by region, as well. It’s actually pretty surprising how many races Bet365 has to offer.

Coefficients on Horse Racing

In terms of the type of coefficients used for horse racing in particular is no different from any other used on this website. It’s either fractional or decimal, depending on your personal preference.

As for the way coefficients are determined for this sport, it’s a lot more complex. Each runner is given their own score, which shifts and changes based on their performance in previous races. The runners in the same race are then algorithmically compared against each other based on their score. Thus, coefficients for their victories are determined.

Besides victories, you can bet on many other outcomes. A total victory is obviously the most common type of a bet, but it’s not the only one. In fact, horse racing in Bet365 has quite a few options. Besides total victory, you can bet on the place you think the runner will take in the end – both accurate and approximate (for instance, 1-3).

Conditions for Horse Racing Bets

To make a bet on horse races, you’ll have to create an account on Bet365, make a deposit, find this sport from the myriad of others and then find the correct race and runner, which is even harder in many ways. 

After selecting the runner, you can also choose the exact bet you want to make, as described above. It’s better to start with just the victory bets if you’re new to horse bets. The odds change based on many things, besides just the skill and history of the contestants. It also depends on the difficulty of the track, the weather and other factors.

You’d do well to research the race you want to bet on at least superficially to understand what the conditions are, not to mention mandatory research of the runners. Because of all this depth, horse racing is considered a nuanced, complex sport to bet on, compared to the other sports on the menu.

Main Horse Racing Events in Bet365

The Bet365 horse racing section doesn’t really neglect any major events. They may gloss over some of the smaller races, but there they are doing their best. There are lots of races in this roster.

The main races that this provider covers include:

  • Grand National
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Saudi Cup
  • Cheltenham Festival

Many other major events are represented here, but these are some of the biggest regular horse racing competitions. If you’re a horse racing enthusiasts, you’d do well to monitor at least some of these events. They might even bring you some monetary profits if you research them deeper.

Bonus for Horse Racing Bets

The main promotion for most sports on Bet365 is the welcome bonus that doubles one’s first deposit. The maximum amount that can be doubled is 100 EUR. What’s more, you won’t be able to withdraw any of your money until you use this entire bonus up. Even so, the bonus is rather generous.

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