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The Best Series for Gambling Fans

Gambling is a hobby for millions of people around the world. It’s a popular activity because of the ever-present chance to win a lot of money. That makes the activity very appealing and exciting, drawing more and more players to the industry every year. Gambling popularity is so immense that it has reached mainstream movies and shows. Some have become iconic pictures that any experienced gambler has certainly seen. This article will mention some of the most popular shows related to gambling. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Las Vegas

As you might have guessed, one of the most popular shows carries the name of the legendary gambling capital, Las Vegas. All the frequent visitors of a 10 dollar deposit casino have certainly watched the show that follows the story of a casino surveillance team. Its members focus on detecting those who consistently win at the casino and hunting them down. It’s the perfect pick for all avid gamblers, as they can relate to countless scenarios from the brick-and-mortar venues. Las Vegas is the top pick if you’re looking for an entertaining show with a big focus on casino games. You get to enjoy 106 over the five seasons available. That’s plenty of time to enjoy some gambling adventures from the casino.

Peaky Blinders

The British show became a huge hit globally. It follows the Shelby family after the First World War and depicts all the family’s challenges to stay at the top of the criminal world of England. Tomas Shelby is the leader of the family gang. Betting and gambling are a big part of the show, as it’s a revenue source for the family.

If you’re someone who loves gambling and betting, this show is a must-watch. It has all the perfect elements of drama, action, and adventure. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The series isn’t over yet, as there’s the last season coming in 2022. The audience is more than excited to see how the show will wrap up.

World Poker Tour

Are you a Poker fan? The World Poker Tour is a show that you must watch. It’s unique because it is still going strong after 18 years, with every season being remarkable in its way. The series follows the best poker players in tournaments. As the season progresses, everything leads to the final tournament, where the winner takes all, including all the glory. There are over 300 episodes to enjoy since the show started in 2003. By the looks of it, it’s here to stay, as passionate poker players are still watching new episodes. Even if you’re not a poker player, the series is well worth watching because it perfectly depicts the tension that only poker can generate.


Tilt is a must-watch for all drama lovers who are enthusiastic about gambling. The series has only nine episodes, but it’s more than enough to show what young players must go through to prove themselves in the poker world. There’s a lot of poker thrill throughout the series. More importantly, the show features exquisite acting and storyline. Everyone who’s looking for an exciting show should give Tilt a watch.

Celebrity Poker Showdown

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrity would do in a game of poker? This show is the chance to have that experience. The likes of Ben Affleck, Coolio, and Nicole Sullivan played poker on the show. If you’re on the lookout for an entertaining show with a focus on poker, this is definitely a great pick. It’s interesting to see how celebrities would handle certain poker situations.


Horse racing enthusiasts will love this gambling show. It features Dusting Hoffman and has a great storyline. Unfortunately, the show didn’t last long, but it was nothing related to its popularity but off-screen issues. Namely, two horses were injured while filming, which led to their euthanization. Once the third horse was injured, HBO decided to pull the plug on the show. There’s an entire season available for those who want to see something different.


The above list mentioned some of the most popular gambling show picks, but there are more to consider. Shows such as The Casino, Smart Live Casino, King of Vegas, Breaking Vegas, Poker After Dark, and Liar Game. If you have the time, all these shows have some aspects of casino games in them. Making them the perfect option for all the enthusiasts who love playing poker, spinning the reels, or trying their luck with blackjack.

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